Editorial for 14 May: After all, it is the people’s House

We at the Caymanian Compass don’t believe anything useful
will be achieved by opposition political party members holding a “shadow
parliament” on the steps or in front of the Legislative Assembly building in
George Town.

However, we fully support their ability to do so, if that is
what they wish.

Last week, demonstrators in front of the LA building were
made to go across the street before holding their “assembly” to debate a
fictitious no confidence motion against Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush’s


The Speaker of the House might have the ability under law to
order police to move these people, but we feel some thought should have been
given to whether or not that legal authority needed to be exercised in this

What ended up happening, in front of the media, was police
rousting out an old, disabled woman who must have apparently been thought to be
too dangerous to remain there.

This is an embarrassment.

It is not the first embarrassment perpetrated upon this
institution by the current Speaker. We remind readers of her orders prohibiting
electronic communications devices in the upstairs gallery essentially forcing
the press out of it, her ordering of police to “examine” the pants length of a
female reporter, her ejection of another reporter from the house for no
sensible reason we can observe and now comes what can only be described as a
general attitude of disdain toward the most sacred of rights in a democracy –
the right of the voters to petition their elected government.

It is the people’s House, Madam Speaker. We feel all who
conduct business there would do well to remember that.




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