Sister Islands Showcase slated

The Aston Rutty Civic Centre in Cayman Brac is the place to be on Saturday, 19 May from 7pm for all kinds of awesome talented performers. 

Yes, folks, it’s the National Children’s Festival of the Arts Sister Islands Showcase 2012, where a total of 31 performances will take place. 

This will include steel pans, vocal and speech choirs, group and solo dance items and speech and vocal solos. 

It begins with a welcome by Kasandra Scott before a prayer and the national song and the introduction by the master of ceremonies. 

Too many songs and quality acts to name here, but suffice it to say that there are guitar ensembles, infant choirs, vocal ensembles, traditional folk, concert choirs, solos, dancers and ensembles ready with a multitude of well-known and traditional songs and recitations. 


Support the kids 

Adjudicators for music include Nichole Barnett-Bodden and Glen Inanga while speech, drama and dance is handled by Nasaria Cholette and Rita Estevanovich. 

It takes a whole lot of collaboration and hard work by many people to pull an event like this together, so here’s a big shout out to the sound and lighting guys, the programme editors, teachers, students, hall decorators, conductors, community musicians and arts festival committee members. The youngsters certainly are the future of performance so give them your support. 

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