For a safer waste site

I thank the 12-year-old student Brielle Wattler at Hope Academy for her opinionated disagreement (Caymanian Compass, 17 May) response to my letter titled ‘Use LC for garbage dump’, dated 15 May, 2012.

However, had Ms Wattler thoroughly read and understood my letter, she would have imagined why I would have chosen Little Cayman as the proper and human concern reason for doing so.

Firstly, an island of that proportion (1×10 miles) is more than ample surroundings when only a few hundred rectangular yards with a depth of six to 10 feet lined foundation to begin with is needed to develop a proper and well managed disposable site on that Island.

So to further educate the writer, the size of Little Cayman is irrelevant to a proposed site there. As a matter of fact for the record, where else would the writer place its current existent dump site, as there are a few ten’s of permanent residents living there.

Further, the writer states that Little Cayman is the size of Bodden Town and North Side put together, but then again the writer has to acknowledge that the corridor running the whole length of the two districts she mentioned are by far and of no comparison with human population than that of Little Cayman.

Secondly, the writer states that putting a garbage dump on Little Cayman would ruin its quietness; quietness for whom, I ask, and as she said, “the Island that time forgot”! Then again, the writer states that putting a dump on that Island would ruin its reputation, tourism product and delicate (wildlife) habitats. Well then again I dare say that Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac have had their not se well planned dump sites for many decades now and that certainly has not ruined any of the above mentioned by the writer.

I close with, after thoroughly thinking further of the writer’s comments to my letter, it makes me wonder if she does care more for the quietness of a relatively deserted island for its size and its limited wildlife who can easily migrate to other surrounding areas of the Island than the cares or concerns of impact caused to an immediate large human populated area.

Again, allow me to thank the writer for her input and contribution to my letter for a better way forward to a proper and safer waste site.

Capt. O. Diaz


  1. I can’t help but notice that an acronym of Capt O Diaz is Cod but maybe this is a coincidence. Following the informed Captain’s logic I think that we should by-pass an on-island dump site and just cart everything off to the Cayman Trench which is a ready-built really big hole which would take centuries to fill. It might even make a tourist attraction for dump-site divers and apart from the odd submarine and rare annelid worm who would notice….. Warning signs in er fish could be posted on submerged notice boards to warn any local inhabitants of the potential danger of being struck be a submerging fridge….
    A perfect solution I would say! QED

  2. Capt. Diaz’s comments of clarification make little sense in dealing with the waste problem. What I don’t understand is how the crux of the issue seems to be lost by almost everyone except those comments of a school aged child.
    Recycling is the core issue of the future of Cayman’s waste problems perhaps only the children of Cayman are wise enough to realize this.
    Mandating an island wide recycling program coupled with professional management of the Boddentown waste facility makes sense and these red herrings adding transportation costs of moving the waste elsewhere is not the answer.

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