Online poll: Large majority support Dart

Nearly three quarters of the respondents to last week’s poll said they think the Dart Group is good or great for the Cayman Islands. 

Of the 893 respondents, 401 of them – 44.9 per cent – said they thought the Dart Group was great for the Cayman Islands.  

“Governments in other countries would go to extreme lengths to receive private sector investment such as Dart is making here in Cayman,” said one person. 

“I know you have to be careful not to let any one group become too powerful in Cayman, but the Dart Group has a track record of doing nothing but good here,” said someone else. “Thank goodness they were here after the financial crisis started.” 

“Dart are the best thing that has happened to the Cayman Islands,” commented another respondent. “Any other island in the Caribbean would welcome them with open arms. Everything they have done has been exceptional quality for our Island. Just speak to any visitor.” 

“Only in Cayman could someone like the Dart Group do so much good for the community and get criticised for it,” commented someone else. 

Another 268 people – 30 per cent – said they thought the Dart Group was good for the Cayman Islands. 

“Who else is putting their money where their mouth is?” commented one person. 

“Do you see anything else going on around here in Cayman?” asked someone else. “If someone was not here, whether it be Dart or Bart, this country would be a standstill. Right now I don’t see anybody else stepping up to the plate so Dart would not have to do it. So those people who are talking need to do something besides talk.” 

A number of people commented about the People’s Progressive Movement attitude about the Dart Group. 

“Why does the PPM hate Dart?” asked one person. 

Ninety-eight people – 11 per cent – said they thought the Dart Group was terrible for Cayman.  

“Corporate conglomerates like the Dart Group should never be allowed the levels of free reign that has been afforded them by the Cayman Islands Government – past and present,” said one person. “Instead, they should only be allowed to work in conjunction with indigenous corporate firms, as a venture capitalist or investment-only share holder, so that the vision, power and control of the fate and destiny of the country and its people are kept to us.”  

“I think only those damn USA and Canada expats support Dart, together with those sold politicians,” said someone else. 

Another 85 people – 9.5 per cent – said they thought the Dart Group was bad for Cayman. 

“I think they’re too wrapped up with the government, and have largely ignored the voice of the people for their selfish ambitions,” said one person. 

“Any one person or organisation having too much power and influence is never good idea,” said someone else. “Dart was a welcomed and positive investor in our community up until recently. He/they has/have now gone too far, trying to dictate to our government over matters of national importance like our infrastructure (closing a main road and moving the landfill) – forcing the government to make decisions that are not in the best long term interest of the country, to help the government out of its current short term financial constraints.” 

Forty-one people – 4.6 per cent – responded ‘I don’t know’ to the question. 

“I appreciate all that the Dart Group have done for Cayman, however I don’t necessarily trust the motive behind what they have done,” said one person. 


Next week’s poll question 

What are your plans for the Queen’s Jubilee holiday? 

Travelling off island 

Participating in on-island celebrations 

Taking the day off and ignoring the celebrations 


I don’t live in Cayman 

Online Poll 20 May


  1. CayCompass, can we have a poll asking the public whether or not they want to pay for 3 more MLA’s?

    We continue to do allow politicians to do things that cost additional money and then we complain afterwards that they have to raise revenue through business fees import duty etc.

    If we are going to have any meaningful impact, we have to get ahead of the curve ball (ie income tax and property tax next?), otherwise just sit back and complain bitterly forever and ever, while government gets so expensive that we become another place looking to the world for a handout.

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