Rhy is on track

Rhymiech Adolphus was in blistering form at the Cayman Invitational when he easily won the local 100 metres race. The 24-year-old Caymanian hopes to be joining Kemar Hyman in the 100m at the London Olympics in July and so confident is he of achieving that he has spent the last month at the Race Track Club in Kingston, Jamaica alongside superstars Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt.

Funded by the Cayman government, Adolphus left his day job to concentrate on getting that Olympic berth. He has until 18 July at a meet in London to reach the qualifying ‘A’ mark of 10.18 seconds. He has run close to it before and believes he is capable with all the intensive training and tips from the two fastest men in the world.

“Bolt was really helpful when I first got there,” Adolphus said. “He said my biomechanics and technique were not as co-ordinated as they could be and just by showing me how to make a few adjustments I’ve improved considerably. I feel much stronger and faster.

“It was nice to run at the Cayman Invitational in front of my home fans but I would have preferred to be in the international race with Blake and the other champs rather than the local one. It could have improved my time.”

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