Milan learns more about Cayman

Italian tourism market grows

The Italian market is getting better informed about Cayman as a tourism destination. 

The latest promotion took place on Tuesday, 8 May with a special evening in Quanta Sport Village, Milan. 

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism was joined by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, Mete Subacque Tour of Lucca, Quantadiving, a 5-star PADI centre in Milan and Grand Cayman-based Fulvio Bonati. 

Mr. Bonati said that a presentation was given to guests which showcased the three Islands as a tourism destination, including water sports, diving, restaurants, hotels and condos plus tours and shopping. 

“People present in the room were very happy; a lot of them have been in Cayman many times and some will come next summer. We have fantastic beaches, nice and warm sea, white sand, nice places to shopping, good food in the restaurants, safe life, and a lot of places to see and to do. These are the winning cocktails of Grand Cayman. 

“The promotion helps the tourists to knows these islands. Today the tourist appreciates the good price with a good service and location and Cayman Islands sure has these qualities,” Mr. Bonati said. 


Air links 

Discussions are under way to enable closer links between Alitalia and Cayman Airways, which will make it easier for people to visit Cayman from Italy. Already, numbers are up. 

“This year, 2012, we have already double the amount of tourists booked compared to 2011 from Italy,” Mr. Bonati said. 

“We have an article in June’s edition of Sub [an Italian diving magazine] with the Kittiwake on the cover and seven pages highlighting what to do in Cayman.”
The future months look set to be busy for the tourism team, which is continuing to increase the awareness of the Cayman Islands in the European country. 

“We are going to Italy in October for 15 days hopefully with a road show to present to many people. Maybe we will go to Florence, Turin and even Geneva, Switzerland with this.  

“Of course, Italy is somewhat down because of the economic crisis in Europe but we are continuing to promote because Italians still want to vacation in August and of course we promote towards Christmas too,” he said. 

Fulvio at milan

Fulvio Bonati spoke to assembled interested Italians about the Cayman Islands. – Photo: Submitted

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