Breakers will get steady use

The resurrection of Breakers Speedway promises to mean a rebirth of drag racing in Cayman. 

Local racer Joe Myrie and the Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association both state there are plans to host meets at the facility in the near future. Myrie, who considers himself the father of the sport here, said a race is slated for as early as this weekend. 

“The track was damp and what went off on 20 May was not a full meet,” Myrie said. “The next race is scheduled for Sunday, 3 June, at the same time with the same prizes and awards. Saturday, 2 June, will see the test and tune. 

“I was born in George Town and I’ve been racing for over 30 years. I’ve had 20 odd cars from Camaros, to the Joe Cool Corvette, to Delroy Forbes’ green Camaro; it was mine and I sold it to him. I’m into motorbikes and boat racing too. I’m not sure if I’ll be racing again but I had to aim to put on another race.” 

Myrie, 59, had scheduled Breakers’ first meet for 2012 over a week ago. Inclement weather cancelled the event though Myrie states a number of cars did show up during dry spells to make passes down the 1/8 mile strip. Among the more notable rides Myrie mentioned were Jody Jervis’ white Nissan Skyline, Johnny Salas’ Toyota Supra and Michael ‘Bad Oil’ Williams’ Mitsubishi Evolution III. 

This weekend’s meet is slated to feature a qualifying session on Saturday with racing on Sunday beginning at 2.30pm. Admission is $5 at the gate with pit passes at $10. Competitors in import cars pay a $30 race fee while muscle car drivers owe $40. 

Breakers held what was supposed to be its final meet last December. Breakers first opened its doors in October 2006 and is Cayman’s only drag racing venue. Over the last five months, the facility was kept functional while track owner Robert Campbell reportedly negotiated a sale of the property with three companies.  

Campbell states two entities placed bids to buy Breakers and convert it into a solar wind farm, pending Caribbean Utilities Company approval. He says CUC turned down their bids and both groups backed out.  

Campbell also said the other company ended negotiations with him due to negative publicity regarding Cayman’s economy. For the record, Breakers is still for sale and listed at 53 acres, with a selling price of $2.8 million. 

The drag racing association put on the December event, entitled ‘End of Days,’ which drew some 500 spectators and 43 racers. Michael Webster serves as public relations officer for the group and stated the association’s position on the track saga. 

“I don’t know what the story is with Breakers Speedway,” Webster said. “There has been so many stories going around. I just hope someone will buy it with the intentions of improving the track, keeping racing alive in Cayman and keeping people from racing on the streets.  

“We have been approached to do a race in the future, but we don’t know if the track will be sold by then or if it will be opened.” 

With the closure of Breakers last year, drag racing in Cayman ended, leaving autocross and treks to compete overseas as the only options. There has been persistent rumour of another drag racing facility being built at High Rock in East End.  

Three years ago, the Cayman Hot Rod Association had planned to develop a National Hot Rod Association-certified 1/4 mile track. It originally wanted the track finished by mid-2009. However, there has been no official word from the Cayman group about any progress on any development in East End. 

Webster, who owns a heavily modified Toyota Supra that he states can produce 1000hp, hopes the High Rock rumours can eventually lead to another site. 

“Hopefully this will open someone’s eye to possibly purchase Breakers Speedway or build another track soon. If there is no where to race, then you will see more racing on the streets and probably more accidents. Or others will hopefully one day be able to do what some of us have done: racing other parts of the world. 

“If there is no where to race in Cayman, I’m most likely going to sell my car and possibly move elsewhere. That’s all I really got to say.” 


Michael ‘Bad Oil’ Williams was among those who raced at Breakers last month. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES