PWC Ironmen hunting for respect


Last year the Ironmen had a shaky season, winning only two games but losing close games throughout the course of the year. Not through a lack of talent or a lack of heart, the ball just didn’t seem to bounce their way when things mattered most.  

This year, however, seems to be a different story. New pieces have been added to the mix to compliment the veterans they’ve kept and things seem to be looking on the upside as the season start nears.  

“We’ve got some older guys,” star player Jason ‘Cadillac’ Collins said, “but they still have a love for the game and play hard, with the additions of some younger talent we’re looking to really improve this year.”  

The Ironmen won only twice last year, but with these new additions they’re hopeful to at least double their win tally, “We’re aiming for at least five wins this year and hopefully the playoffs.”  

Cadillac went on to say, “We’ve got stars on our team, Antonio Hannah plays both sides of the ball and our quarterback Chris Lebeau is ready for an offensive explosion.”  

The Ironmen have high hopes this season, they’ve put the past behind them and are ready to take the league by storm. The team is full of veterans who are ready to lead their new young talent, “There’s no reason at all we can’t compete, we lost a lot of close games last year but we’ve improved into a very competitive team.”  

Quarterback Chris Lebeau feels the same sort of optimism his defensive star portrays, “We’ve recruited younger, more athletic players and coupling that with our vets, things look good this year.”  

Lebeau went on to say, “We’re a lot stronger than last year, we’re much more athletic and effective offensively and we’re definitely aiming for a playoff berth.” 

The Ironmen are a close-knit squad, putting fun before anything else, “We have great team-mates and we all have fun, we all enjoy each others company and playing together.”  

Perhaps, the chemistry the Ironmen have will lead to results and wins on the field. Having a strong veteran presence goes a long way when teaching newcoming youngsters how to play the game properly or teaching them how to play Ironmen football. With the already high chemistry the team shares, it could easily equate to a great season of improvement and surprises for the PWC Ironmen.  

Chris LeBeau

Chris LeBeau returns as the Ironmen quarterback.