Brac dump burned all weekend

The dump in Cayman Brac was ablaze over the weekend, with fire crews fighting to contain the fire from Friday evening to late Sunday. 

Cayman Brac Fire Services Sub-Officer Curtis Connor said the fire started in a pile of mulch, trees and wood away from the main dump, where fires usually combust. 

“It’s contained now,” Mr. Connor said on Monday morning. “It’s still smouldering, but it’s under control. It’s got nowhere to go.” 

He said he did not think the fire started spontaneously, as some dump fires do due to a build up of gases and chemicals. “It was separate from the main dump that normally burns. It’s to one side of the dump. I don’t know if it was deliberate,” he said. 

The area of the dump that went on fire was filled with big sea grape trees and other wood and mulch. 

The Fire Services Department was alerted to the fire about 8pm Friday and worked during the weekend, until about 10pm Sunday night, to control the fire. 

“It covered an area of about 400 feet. It was wide and long and about 8 to 10 feet high,” said Mr. Connor, who said the site was difficult to get into to put out the fire because it was blocked by bushes from the road and, because there was a southeast wind, the firemen had to fight the fire downwind. 

Twenty fire officers worked on putting out the fire, with eight on site at any give time, 
Mr. Connor said. 

Residents of Cayman Brac have repeatedly complained of fire at the dump on South Side West Road, almost opposite the island’s public beach, over the years. 

According to the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture, moving the dump to a site on Songbird Drive on the Bluff is being considered. 

Brac dump fire

Smoke from the fire at the Cayman Brac dump could be seen from the road by the dump’s entrance last weekend. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED


  1. Fpr how long are we supposed to suffer the effects of uncontrolled fires at the dump site on South Side here on the Brac? 25 years and counting…It is time for someone in CI Government to stand up and do something about this shameful situation!

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