Camana Bay heliport

In addition to arriving on foot, bicycle, car and boat, you can now reach Camana Bay in Grand Cayman via air thanks to the Town Centre’s brand new heliport, located on The Festival Green, just east of The Crescent. 

The heliport is designed for medium sized helicopters and is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands as meeting the Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements for Day Visual Flight Rule conditions. These standards are based on internationally accepted criteria endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the United Nation’s authority on aviation requirements. 

Camana Bay’s commitment to its certification obligations has resulted in two unobstructed approach/departure directions, the development of CAACI approved plans to maintain and operate the site safely, and the creation of a staff training programme to support these plans. 

A welcome addition to Cayman’s tourism product, the new heliport will be used primarily as a base from which to operate helicopter sightseeing tours, which have become increasingly popular at top destinations around the world.  


The Camana Bay Heliport is also open for public use and licensed pilots of small- to medium-sized helicopters can schedule a landing by contacting Camana Bay Security at 640.4357. 

Camana Bay helipad

From left, Alastair Robertson, CAACI director of Air Navigation Services; John Dick, CAACI aerodrome inspector; Chip Ogilvie, Camana Bay senioroperations and maintenance manager; Richard Smith, CAACI directorgeneral; John Bartell, Camana Bay senior property manager; Derek Haines, Camana Bay senior security manager; Barry Dougall, Camana Bay security manager; and Michael Walker, Camana Bay safety patrol officer at the certification of the Camana Bay Heliport. – Photo: Submitted


  1. Once again, a great contribution to the Cayman Product by the Dart Group. What can people say bad about this one? Will it be, they are endangering indigenous Caymanian Birds or that they will not hire any of qualified Caymanian Helicopter pilots. Oh yeah and don’t forget the fact that they are putting the other Caymanian helicopter companies out of business.

  2. This makes me want to buy a helicopter now!

    I’d get a ‘Cayman Special’, a Japanese import with disco lights on the rotor blades, 99% glass tint, and lowered skids.

  3. Great – anyone with a helicopter can use it.
    Errr – wait a moment………that’ll be Jerome then! There are no other helicopters here!!!!!
    Unless the Police want to drop in too? Oh no – Mr Bush is going to sell the RCIPS flying cost-center leaving Jerome to charge us whatever he feels like!