Online poll: Most don’t support more MLAs

A large majority of the respondents to last week’s online poll do not support increasing the number of Members of the Legislative Assembly from 15 to 18, as is slated to occur with the next general elections. 

Of the 562 total respondents, 330 of them – 58.7 per cent – said they didn’t support the increase in the number of legislators at all. Nearly all the comments to the poll came from this segment of respondents.  

“For a voting population of less than 25,000 people, 18 is too many,” said one person. 

“If we have 15 working and earning their wage like they are supposed to be doing, then for a country this size we should be good,” said someone else. 

“I know it’s called for in that stupid Constitution the PPM beguiled us into thinking was great, but all this will do is lead to more incompetence in the Legislative Assembly because we don’t have enough capable people as it is,” said 
another respondent. 

“I am a native of these Cayman Islands, born and raised,” said one person. “We Caymanian natives do not support increasing the number of Members of the Legislative Assembly from 15 to 18. I vote on behalf of my native Caymanians. We stand together as one voice.” 

“It’s not necessary and will be an unnecessary burden and the over-burdened taxpayer,” commented another person. 

“I support replacing the 15 MLAs with 18 ching-chings as chings-chings are much more clever and industrious than MLAs and don’t double dip on pension and salaries,” wrote someone else. “Ching-chings are just as noisy, feisty and annoying as MLAs, however.” 

“15 is the product of 3 and 5 while 18 is the product of 3 and 6,” noted one person. “No good can come from 18. None at all.” 

“15 is quite enough,” said another respondent. “Financially 15 is already a strain on the government’s pocket, so why do me need three more to have to be paid? The 15 there now can’t see eye to eye on anything so three more will only make it a bigger disaster. Let the 15 work together for the betterment of our country and people.” 

“Good grief. We don’t have enough competent politicians as it is and we’re talking about adding more?” said someone else. 

“We have too many as it is sucking up big salaries,” said one person. “Why do we need three more to sit there and do nothing?” 

“The PPM screwed us on that one,” said someone else. 

Eighty people – 14.2 per cent – said they supported the increase in legislators totally.  

“We need some fresh faces in politics,” was the only comment made by one of these people. 

Another 37 people – 6.6 per cent – said they supported the increase a little.  

“But it should be deferred until government finances improve,” said one person. 

“It may cause a bit more controversy where as it may take longer period for an mutual decision to be made at any given time due to the high number of independent opinions and differences,” said someone else. 

Seventy-nine people – 14.1 per cent – responded ‘I don’t care’ to the question and 36 people – 6.4 per cent – answered ‘I don’t know’. 

Several of the ‘I don’t care’ respondents left comments. 

“Not able to vote,” said one person. 

“I may be bothered if I could vote, and the choice amounted to more than a few imbeciles,” said someone else. 

“What benefit will it be to the public other than pay another $100k salary?” asked another respondent. 


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  1. I have the final solution to the problem of representation. Why not make every voter an MLA and then you wouldn’t need the silly season of Cayman loving and Expat bashing. With the ever growing civil service it is already moving in that direction, just finish the job.

  2. Theoretically, 15 MLAs (capable ones, of course) would be more than enough for Cayman but only if each one of the 15 put the long term and best interests of the entire country before their own! That being said, increasing the number of MLAs by 3 persons appears to be a fait accompli – (food for thought, 4 more should eliminate the risk of a 9-to-9 tie vote in the Legislative Assembly) – and therefore will require an already financially strapped country to find more money for those additional salaries. Because of that reality, other than changing the Constitution, a suggestion is for each of the existing highly paid 15 MLAs to take at least a 20% salary reduction with the resulting savings being used to cover the salaries of the 3 additional MLAs – and, not surprisingly, they would each still be more than generously paid even before counting in those perks which some say are required by protocol!

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