Pac deserves justice

It was the worse decision in boxing bar none. The wave of disapproval is still gaining momentum. Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley did not deserve the verdict against Manny Pacquiao and the new WBO welterweight champ fully knows it despite changing his tone now, claiming all along he thought he won. The two judges’ scores of 115-113 for Bradley were preposterous and even the one who voted 115-113 for the Filipino ace was way off the mark.

Bradley and his trainer Joel Diaz certainly didn’t think they were winners during and immediately after the fight. Their manner and body language signified losers and when the final bell sounded, Bradley only half heartedly raised his hands in celebration. He looked more relieved of surviving than convinced of victory. Being interviewed afterwards Bradley’s surprise at the ridiculous verdict was evident but he quickly changed his tone, probably in case the decision was reversed.

Pacquiao was a model of restraint after even though he must have been burning up inside and ready to swing some more knowing that the $200m pot of gold against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather may now be totally out of his reach.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has financial interests in both fighters. He said that he stands to make even more millions from the rematch but the decision was the most outrageous he had seen in 47 years in boxing.

Watching the fight at Dog House with my breddren Monty who bet on Bradley to win, we thought Pacquiao was such a clear cut winner of at least eight rounds that he was resigned to being $700 out of pocket. Imagine Monty’s emotions on hearing the decision. He felt he was almost fraudulently collecting the winnings online. Like Bradley, Monty was fearful that the decision would be overturned so he immediately collected.

Pacquiao didn’t deserve the decision in winning his previous fight against Juan Manuel Marquez but if the judges were compensating for that aberration this time, they swung far too far the other way. Boxing’s tarnished image has been further damaged. Desert Storm has certainly stirred up a hurricane of debate.