Make Mace legal

I have noticed that the issue of making Mace legal has been put on the back burner; in fact, nobody has broached the subject all year.

Therefore, I am writing to remind our legislators that many women here in the Cayman Islands are anxiously awaiting the outcome of our desire/need to protect ourselves by legally carrying Mace or the next best thing you decide.

Let’s not wait until we have another tragedy before we bring this issue back into the public forum. Please do not allow another defenceless female to simply disappear just because we had no means of stunning our attacker hence allowing us to flee to safety. Just take a drive at 5am in the morning and count how many women you’ll see walking along our roads many of which are only going to work and who are not out partying at all.

Cayman prides itself in being the first to do many things, let protecting women also be one of them. Crime is rampant here in all its levels, but human life is something that is more precious than money and jewellery.

Deirdre Macken


  1. Something is seriously wrong with our Comissiosner of police if he opposes women in Cayman using mace to protect themselves.
    Then Cayman’s society would have every right to suspect that perhaps the crimes against women whether they are assaulted or went missing without a trace, must be committed by some weird mysterious strange RCIP, or highly trained individual? since these cases always arrive at a dead end. Is it an inside job?
    Can we or should we face up to the high suspicion that just maybe these crimes are being committed by a person or persons that should be protecting us instead of harming us? These jobs are too clean to be an ordinary civilian. If it is, you better dig up your immigration and work permit records and find out who is living or working amongst us that is armed and dangerous to the core.

    We need to investigate what has happened in other territories owned by the UK and what kind of cases went unsolved and the behavioral pattern and the outcome of investigations and the number of cases and victims of those who pervert the course of justice.
    Its time to call a spade a spade and stop fooling around living in total denial.
    We have a serious problem in this region.

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