Speak it into existence

You know the sayings like “speak it into existence” or “if you say it is, then you’ve made it so”. All of these sayings come from the philosophy of what you want and really desire is yours for the taking if you just believe first. You know the days that you wake up feeling sour and down and pretty much set the stage for the whole day of gloom? Compare that to the day when you wake up and say “hello sunshine, here I am”! How about those days? Aren’t the possibilities endless and you can just go about your day whistling while you work and no one can get you down? That is the secret.

Law of attraction is a buzz word these days and makes so much sense if you really think about it. If you are looking for work then act like you already have a job, dress like you have one and then you might just get one; who knows. And dress for the job you want! Don’t walk around all day, out of work scuffing around in flip flops or even schlepping through town with a bathing suit on because you have no job and have turned into a beach bum temporarily. People probably see you on these days and that great job that wanted to call you, saw you on that day and did not take you seriously and never called. But had you been dressed nicely, acting professionally or appropriately then you just might be working now.

And this concept does not stop there.

What about relationships? If you talk about your significant other with words like “he never does this” or she doesn’t do that” then how else can someone behave when you have absolutely ingrained it into the universe as the norm. Speak words that ignite change and encouragement and therefore unacceptable behaviour may flee from your life. The “I wants, and I needs, and I don’t haves” are enemies that seek to keep us right where we are. We need to start using the “I have, I am, and I will”, more often to claim all the bounties of the universe.

In life everything takes work and there is a rhythm that we must all get into for our success. Some have the key and some don’t but today I am here to tell you that positivity is the way to start the process of getting what you desire to be happy.

First you must challenge your comfort zone and take the necessary risks.

Then you must go the extra mile and treat everyone well.

And mostly understand that making excuses is unacceptable.

Take responsibility for your life and actions and act like these difficult times are just a test of your strength and verve and then get out there and just do your very best.

Say so and make it so and you will speak it into existence. And believe that what is yours is yours and that no one can take it without permission.

And then go and enjoy your fruit!

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Catherine Tyson is the author of I’m Somebody’s Mama and host of the Lighten Up Show With Catherine Tyson on Cayman 27.


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