CASK grading

The Cayman Associated School of Karate holds its second Youth Graduation of the year at its headquarters at the King’s Sport Centre this weekend.

This exciting and important event will see over 90 youths being promoted up the ranks of white through brown belt on Saturday. There will be two graduation ceremonies from 10.30am-11.30am and 11.45am-12.45pm and family members are welcome to come view the class on this special occasion.

Since 2006, Sensei Greg Reid, chief instructor, has been building the high-level youth programme at CASK with hopes of developing a national competition team to represent the Cayman Islands in future years. CASK also offers women’s only and adult co-ed karate programmes year-round at King’s.

CASK teaches one of the four main legitimate styles of Japanese karate in the world called Wado.

Sensei Greg said: “Karate is a great activity for youths to be involved in, not only because of the self-defence, but also the excellent discipline, respect, leadership skills that the youths learn.”

For more information about CASK visit, or call Sensei Greg Reid on 925-3367.