Writer has a prophesy for Cayman Islands

The Calf of Cayman Will be shattered to pieces says the Lord.

Cayman, The Lord, King above all gods rejects your calf, your idols you have made.

“My fury burns against the sins of idolatry, witchcraft, sexual immorality, theft, lying, greed, pride, murder, adultery, dishonouring parents, unbelief, lack of love, and countless other sins, and I sharply warn of the impending judgments! Repent, repent, repent break up you fallow ground,” says the Lord.

“The calf which you have chosen to be your god instead of the Lord your God, has cast you off. The blessings, prosperity, healing and health given to you to be used for My glory has been used to erect idols. You parade, living wickedly, you rebelled, disobeying My voice, and My Will, allowing yourselves to be deceived and distracted and you call it worship.

“Get rid of your calf-idols. You desire not My Holiness or Righteousness. You have become contented with a form of godliness, away from Me, you calf worshippers. The children of the land are being taught to raise up their own calf-idols. You bring calf-worship to Me and expect Me to bless it. Have you not heard I am a Holy God? Repent, repent, repent, break up your fallow ground.

“Throw out your calf-idols Cayman, My anger burns against them. Surely My Righteousness will rain, says the Lord. I will rain My consuming fire, I will rain justice, your earthly wealth and wisdom is of no match to Me. The ungodly walls used to hedge yourselves in will be broken into pieces, the idols erected will become like dust. Repent, repent, repent, break up your fallow ground.

“The Lord of Hosts will rain Righteousness, the seas will spit out the evils dumped in it, the ground will erupt from the weight of lawlessness and witchcraft. The call of the Lord Almighty, the call to repent goes out to every man, woman, boy and girl, rich or poor, every nationality, group, church, ministry and household. Repent, repent, break up you fallow ground.

“I charge you Cayman, with forsaking Jesus Christ, with refusing to repent. Humble yourselves, pray, Seek My Face, turn from your wicked ways. I will hear! I will forgive, I will listen and I will act! Do not delay. Awake, clothe yourselves in repentance, throw off your calf-idols My People, quickly, sharply now.

Impending judgments crouches at doors, hospitals, ministries, families, homes, schools, workplaces, churches and country. The calf of Cayman will be shattered to pieces,” says the Lord Almighty.

Marjorie Pitter


  1. Why does the Compass post these kind of rantings? This is the kind of nonsense put forth by a disturbed mind. I hope Ms. Pitter can be convinced to seek appropriate psychiatric counseling.

  2. The Compass publishes this text because unlike you, it has not discriminated against a person’s right to free speech. I may or may not agree with Ms. Pitter, but that does not mean that she cannot air her opinion, nor does it mean that I/you have the right to pass judgement on her views. I grant you an opinion, but not a judgement. She has hurt no one, nor insulted anyone.
    This society would be a lot more tolerable if people just accepted that we are all different with the right to be heard. These are the Cayman Islands, not the Communist Republic of some repressed hellhole.
    I trust that you have a good day.

  3. I have to ask, where is Marjorie Pitter from and if she and ‘her people’ (I can bet they are not British or Canadian) are the persons crouching at our doors, hospitals, homes schools, churches and country shattering the calf (aka our young people) to pieces?

    Like I say, it’s not Caymanians that hate ‘those people’ they truly hate us and think by using their scriptures as further scare tactics they will continue to use ‘their’ people to fill all those jobs positions to shatter us and our young.

    CAYMANIANS WAKE UP, the use of cheap reverse psychological tactics is nothing to worry about, rantings of angry people that have more than likely filled with anger due to the calf of her country being shattered and want to escape here, guess that explains why the CURSE is taking over Cayman………. we imported that too, and that can be solved, you may take your curse back with you M. Pitter.

  4. I am glad the writer has submitted ‘this prophecy’ for the Cayman Islands. It is important to hear the truth and as God has stated in Proverbs 24 at verse 26 ‘an honest answer is like a kiss on the lips’ that is, a sign of true friendship.

    So M Pitter, for all persons who act as ‘friends’ of Cayman but due to their own fears and need to divide and call us Caymanians their ‘enemy’ when we have been good friends as shown in our action.

    I state God’s word again and PROPHECY to them, they don’t intimidate me or scare me, as stated in Proverbs 24:17 ‘Do not gloat when your enemy (ie us and our calf) falls, when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice, or the Lord will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from him’ (our calf).

    Be careful how fear leads to prophecy…..might turn around and head in direction you never thought would be point of wrath.

    Keep sharing the true feelings though. Love this! Caymanians can get to see the people claiming to be our ‘friends’ may be the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  5. Marjorie, this is a thought-provoking message; especially to Christian people on the island who can understand its symbolism. I have always express my belief in a God – not because of some physical evidence, but because of the fact that when I ought to do good or refrain from doing wrong, my conscience haunts me, and that is not because of genes nor learning from a class room. But something within me that if I ever resist, would lead to self-destruction.

    However, I am not endorsing anyones belief in a God, but my own, because I know of no other person better than me. But I will never disrespect your concept or socalled revelation from your God, so long you don’t impose your view or concept on me or any other person. God is definitely a subjective experience. Not two people in this life can have the same concept of a God.Hence, your revelation is your personal revelation.

    Allow me to draw from it, my interpretaions: It states that Cayman’s calf, meaning 4 things – blessings, prosperity, healing, and health, will be taken away by impending judgements because God is very angry at the sins being committed by us. You list some of the sins like murder, theft, adultery, greed, and dishonoring parents… According to the message, these sins are committed because instead of the calf being used to glorify God and moralistic purposes, it is being used for idol purposes.

    And idol is anything that one becomes attached to and has placed in between the relation of self and God. In other words, money is a blessing when it is used to help yourself and your family, but the love of money to love yourself and exclude others where their is an attachment for it, becomes an idol, and whatever is an idol, we are stressed by attempting to hold on to it from losing it, and hence the sin of greed comes into being. And an idol can be others things like sex, a love one, possessions, even one self. Replacing blessings, prosperity, healing, and health dedicated to goodness and using these things for selfish interest and socalled idolatry, produces all manner of reactions, which is referred to as sins. And these sins more than likely have consequences. The message declares impending judgements.

    Now off the record – I am God-fearing like my Caymanian forefathers, but I am not a Christian. I must say that the message moves me and I can relate with it. Even if you are a lunatic, I hope people see the underlying message and learn something from it.

    The positive note – God is still love, and God will forgive us and continue His blessing on us IF we repent (meaning turn completely from our sinful habits and/or ways, caused by attachments to socalled idols in our lives). It says humble yourselves, seek God and pray, and he will act in accord. It says not to take God for granted. He will shatter the calf if we use the calf for our own ends and forget such principles like love to our fellowman.

    Ms. Pitter, if you are a psychiatric case, thank you for the message still. It struck a cord in my heart and I hope to be a better person, because at the end of the day, we are human and not living like an island to ourselves. There is always karma – what you sow you reap.


  6. Many months ago I set up Google Alerts. They send me a daily email with links to news items in the Cayman Islands. Thousands of people around the world subscribe to this service.

    Today, along with links to various news services I received a link to the bizarre ravings of Majorie Pitter.

    People reading this must think we a bunch of certifiable lunatics.

    What exactly does she want? That everyone in the Cayman Islands gives up every semblance of a modern society and return to the stone age?

    Just imagine the effect on people all over the world reading her nonsense and thinking it represents daily life in our beautiful island home.

  7. Its a good thing blaspheming the Christian scriptues isn’t a crime in Western countries…

    If she had been in Iran and blasphemed the Koran like this….

    Its off to the stoning ground for her LOL!!!

  8. good thing they aren’t confusing Jesus christ with God. Becuase saying jesus christ our lord, is blasphemy.

    worshiping jesus christ is blasphemy.

    But because most of these who are ultra religious, don’t actually read the bible themselves. Or don’t understand it, when they read it. Would know that.

    But hey, there is a special place for people like Marjorie, and it’s not where she thinks she’s going 8)

  9. Dreamer…

    Thanks for your words of comprehension and understanding about this article written by Marjorie Pitter.

    The truth is, we really don’t know who wrote this; a signed name is no proof of anyone’s indentity so we take it at face value that this person actually exists…and that she wrote this.

    The questions of the existence of God, or a Supreme Spiritual Force has existed since the dawn of mankind’s existence…and will continue until some definitive answer is given or found.

    Therefore, God or the concept of that spiritual existence remains a product of man’s faith and belief; those areas of faith and belief are as divergent and sometimes conflicting as man’s existence itself, on this planet earth which we all share…

    And not very peacefully, I might add.

    That Ms. Pitter has a problem with Cayman needs no emblemishment;that much is glaringly obvious.

    Why she would choose to paraphrase the Old Testament in terms of the sins of idolatry and its penalties in relation to Cayman, only she can say but…

    If the sins of idolatry is her problem then there is nowhere on earth that she will find solace…

    There are no sins that she is ranting about that do not exist EVERYWHERE ELSE on this planet earth..

    And, quite possibly in more and higher measures than exists in Cayman; she should try living in some of the other countries of the world.

    If one is a Christian, this piece of literary genius(I hope you sense the sarcasm)would be termed blasphemous…but only if you are a Christian…

    And one who has read the Holy Scriptures fully for themselves; many Christians do not.

    In any event, when Ms. Pitter is calling down judgement on Cayman for whatever wrongs have been done to her, be they real or perceived, she needs to be very careful…

    And go read the Scriptures again…

    All of it, because there are incidents related there of individuals taking God’s name in vain, blaspheming, calling upon the name of God for unholy purposes…and many other things….

    And, as those stories go….things did not end well with those people.

    My advice to Marjorie Pitter is to take her own warnings and judgment on Cayman as a warning to her own self as well.

    After all, the Scriptures do say, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

  10. Puzzled! How is it that everybody talking about blasphemy? Where do you see blasphemy in this message??? Blasphemy is defined as the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for a religious deity.

    Unless the commenters here are Jehovah Witnesses or Muslims who don’t believe that Jesus was God and is God, they can rightfully say that she has blasphemed God. If they are not a JW or from Islam, I find their comments a bit insultive and more offensive than this lady’s message.

    Bodden and RunningMan were respectful.

  11. There is little doubt that Cayman has changed over they last several decades and further change has been suggested by some in the form of gambling who pretend to support Christian ethics but are willing to legalize some vice for financial gain. Would this possibly upset some who hold dear to the traditional Christian ethics of the past, of course.

  12. Jesus IS NOT GOD. The bible says he is the SON OF GOD.

    what don’t you understand?

    Oh I know….it’s because of the years of modifying the bible, Jesus has become God. Which…is blasphemy.

    ten commandmends

    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

    LORD THY GOD…not the lord jesus christ. If you say Lord Jesus Christ. You are directly contradicting the 10 commandments. hence…blasphemy.

    Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

    You would be sinning if you said god dammit not jesus dammit. Understanding it yet?

    For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

    So..who made heaven and earth? Jesus or God? Because Jesus wasn’t even born yet.

    So now we have defined who the Lord is.

    I mean, how dense does one have to be here. Read it and understand it. Don’t listen to some preacher who only repeats what he is taught. Think for yourself.

    Now I can go into passages in the bible that further support the fact that jesus is NOT God. And if you worship him so. You aren’t going to the place you think you are.
    End of story.

    There is no if’s and’s or but’s about this.

    It’s all there, as clear as a bell in the ten commandments.

  13. big bird, you must be a Jehovah Witness. Only they would use the Bible to support their beliefs. To be honest with you, you waste your time – who CARES if Jesus is God or he isn’t God?!

    I tend to disbelieve ALL CONCEPTS of God and so it doesn’t matter to me what you religous people think. God or no God… all I know is there is LIFE and people have freedom of speech, and you religious people are so insultive to each other. If this lady has a diverse view from you, respect her view. I am sure that her view is not any different than yours or firery’s view. That is how wars begin, because minds like you clash and believe your belief is the better belief than anyone’s else.

    Open your eyes, and get your mind out from the world of mere beliefs and caring for what holy books say. The question of whether Jesus is God or not, is for mentally-locked people, trapped in the maze of belief.

    You say you don’t listen to the preacher. Well, you contradict yourself, because the Bible is a bunch of preachers that wrote it, and you very well know that you care for what the Bible says about a subject that is a little importance. You and firery need to look at yourselves.

  14. Apprentice

    Why have you included me in your comments to Big Berd ?

    Where in my comments do you read anything that is related to Big Berd’s stated beliefs regarding Christ as God or not ?

    My own religious beliefs are only for my own knowledge and I have never and will never reveal or discuss them on this forum.

    My comments were made solely on the article written by this person…and any objective opinion would say it is a bit strange, to say the least.

    What I have said, is that for a Christian, paraphrasing the Bible in the way that she has done, to use Scriptures to curse Cayman, could be termed blasphemy…but only if one held strong Christian beliefs.

    For a Jewish beliver, there would be no question about the issue…for an orthodox Jew, she HAS blasphemed.

    You’ve contradicted yourself here…in a former comment on the burning of the Bibles at the East End SDA church you refuted my opinions on them, claiming you were raised up around Seventh-Day Adventist people…and you even quoted their website to support your position.

    If you were raised up around SDAs and willing to fly to their defense then you certainly would not have an atheistic belief that God does not exist; that would be totally contrary to your upbringing, wouldn’t it ?

    Now you are claiming you have no belief in the existence of God; this is a massive contradiction and…

    For me, is proof of a very confused mind and person.

    Sort yourself out before you choose to challenge me…

    Because I can assure you, my mind and beliefs are nowhere near as confused as yours.

  15. No, I am not a jehovah. just someone who believes in God. And that Gods words are perfect. Then you have to dismiss the contradictions and focus on God’s real words. Because contradictions can only be man made.

    No worshiping Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, or any other prophet.

    Just God.

    The way it should be. If you can stay on that path. God will accept you, because this is his way.

    Worship Prophets and you won’t be going where you think you are going.

  16. @ fiery…….thanks for the additional points and trust me I am very aware of the fact that we don’t know the identity of Marjorie Pitter.

    Personally I would not be surprised (and more likely to consider) if it was simply a group effort and some random name selected. I read the message and comments had nothing to do with the name.

    Hence the reason for my comments to include this So M Pitter, for all persons who act as ‘friends’ of Cayman but due to their own fears and need to divide and call us Caymanians their ‘enemy’ when we have been good friends as shown in our action.

    A few Caymanians can still read ‘between the lines’ 🙂

  17. lol… one emotional firery fly… You should have never attacked Ms Pitter when you are in the same boat. Now you trying to dress it up as if she is all in the wrong and bring up the correction I gave you about the East End Bible when I posted a site to teach you a little thing.

    firery, your ego is bruised. Admit it… that is why you would bring it up again. Poor you.

  18. Dreamer…

    There are a number of people commenting on this article signed by M. Pitter who haven’t even or ever read the Holy Scriptures through for themselves; I have.

    This comment is in no way meant to question their own concept of God, that is an entirely personal issue that I feel no else has the right to do with another person.

    A person’s relationship with whatever Divine presence they believe in is entirely their own.

    My comments are only directed to what this M. Pitter has written and anyone reading the Holy Scriptures, as one book, would have come across passages in the Old Testament that have been paraphrased almost word-for-word in the writings of the prophets of Israel; Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and others.

    These were prophets to the nation of Israel in a time of great apostasy and idolatry; these prophets were sent to warn Israel to turn back to their God or face impending judgement; the historical records show that much of this judgement fell at the hands of foreign nations who invaded and took Israel captive, as the Babylonians did…or invaded and destroyed Jerusalam and scattered the nation of Israel abroad, as did the Romans in AD 70.

    These Scriptures also speak of blaspheming the Scriptures or using and changing them in any way; there is a very stern warning there against this.

    This article by M. Pitter has done exactly that; she has not issued these warnings to Cayman in her own words and then used Scriptural passages or texts to support them; she has uttered the words of Scripture as though she herself had been spiritually inspired to warn and curse Cayman.

    As you’ve mentioned, the question of this article being some sort of group effort cannot be ruled out and the tone and words in this article could be termed threatening.

    Many crimes have been committed by people who claim they were acting on God’s orders and by His divine command…and innocent people killed because some freak or religious fanatic was convinced that God had given them the divine right to judge and punish others.

    These are scary words to see in print and maybe the authorities in Cayman should investigate the origin of this article a little closer.

  19. @ firery – But I don’t think she is blaspheming. That is a very serious religious charge to place on someone. And to say that the authorities in Cayman should investigate the origin of this article, is to me a bit extreme. No offense, but it sounds almost like what the Roman Church would have done to heretics to censor them. She has her freedom of speech.

    Note other prophets in the Bible were charged for blasphemy in their day. Jesus was called a blasphemer because he came with new prophetic messages. There was no such thing as a New Testament in his day. The Old Testament was the only Bible. He called a blasphemer and the educated Jews wanted to stone for his words. So there are many instances of this in the Bible. Being called a blasphemer does not mean someone is on the wrong.

    firery, seeing you are a believer in God, you should be careful how you judge.

  20. @ dreamer – Marjorie has been here for quite some time. She has worked in church ministries and has socially made a great contribution to these islands. She is not like any other average person. She is well-educated.

  21. Bodden

    Obviously you know this lady personally; for those of us who don’t, reading this article would raise questions.

    My comments indicate that paraphrasing Scriptures, as she has done, as her own words could be termed blasphemy by some Christians; others will see nothing wrong with it.

    The tone and terms she uses here are harsh and threatening to say the least; where does she have the right to use such language in terms of the country that sustains her ?

    To be truthful, this article has the ring of religious fanatacism to it; if that is ok under the guise of free speech, then we have to accept it.

    But remember, the world in which we are living has now become a dangerous and unpredictable place.

    What makes what she has written here any different from how Islamic fundamentalist quote and use the Koran as their divine authority to kill infidels with their terrorist acts?

    According to them, are they not following Allah’s commands ?

    If this lady is so sure that Cayman is a cursed place, then she had better get out before judgement falls, shouldn’t she ?

    This is a piece of religious fanaticism, pure and simple.

  22. Impending judgments crouches at doors, hospitals, ministries, families, homes, schools, workplaces, churches and country. The calf of Cayman will be shattered to pieces, says the Lord Almighty.

    If anyone reading this paragraph is not concerned and even frightened by it, they are sadly not aware of the threat implied by it.

    Is this a passage to be found anywhere in the Scriptures ?

    What would happen should some act of violence happen at any of the institutions in Cayman that this Marjorie Pitter has named here.

    Would it be considered a fulfillment of prophecy ?

    Or the act of a crazed human being ?

    I urge the authorities in Cayman to take a closer look at this article and the person who wrote it.

  23. I would urge the Compass to remember they are part of the public face of this country to the outside world, and not to publish embarrassing rubbish like this where it can only serve to lower the islands’ credibility

    This kind of article belongs in the funny old word section of Private Eye, or the back pages of the National Enquirer, not on the editorial pages of a publication with pretensions to serious journalism

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