Are you an angry bird or smarter than a 5th grader?

Apple doesn’t just produce amazing devices such as the iPod touch, the iPad and the iPhone, it also enables users to download books, games, videos, songs and myriad applications to keep them occupied for hours. Many apps are free, giving users the option to try them out before they upgrade to the full version. All they need is an iTunes account.

There are a good number of iTunes “stores” throughout the world, with arguably the biggest and most diverse being the United States one. You either need a US-based credit card, which the majority of people in the Cayman Islands do not possess, or an iTunes card to purchase credit for this store. Luckily, the Cayman Mac Store sells US iTunes cards in varying denominations, so no one has to go without their app fix.

A number of apps have made a name for themselves on the global market. Angry Birds is an excellent example – a simple game that pits its namesake against some rather obstinate pigs. It has become a phenomenon with new versions such as Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Space being greeted with joy by worldwide fans. All app designers want that kind of recognition and success, and so everyone eagerly awaits the next big thing.

Weekender will feature an App of the Week, so if you need a break from Angry Birds or would just like to try something new, you can give one of our choices a go.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

First impressions

We certainly thought we were smarter than a fifth grader until we played this game. It challenged us with questions much like the popular television show, and we found ourselves second-guessing our knowledge on second grader posers!

How it works

You are assigned 100 stars to begin and each game costs 25 stars. Depending on the number of points you win, you can get free games or you can buy more stars with iTunes credit. You can also use stars to “copy” another user’s answer if you don’t know it. We decided to go it alone and save our stars.

You are playing against other contestants across the Web. The more answers you get right and they get wrong, the more points you get. There are also 1,000 bonus points awarded to the first person who chooses the correct answer. Only the winner of the game gets the fifth grader question for free, but you can pay for it with … you guessed it: stars! You can also put the question to friends via e-mail and Facebook for more points.

When we played

At the end of the eight questions of varying difficulty we were at the top of the leader board, and so got to answer the final fifth grader question, on which we failed.

That particular time we were NOT smarter than a fifth grader, but we were hooked. We went back to play several more games, and finally came out on top after a few dire report cards.

Final thoughts

This is an excellent way for adults and children to spend time playing a game, because it is fun and educational. Those of us who tested it are over 40 years old and we now find ourselves playing it three or four times a week.

Pros: Easy to start playing immediately with no prior knowledge of the game, educational.

Cons: Have to be connected to the Web to play, lots of US-based questions.

Many apps are free, giving users the option to try them out before they upgrade to the full version.