Zooman makes you laugh like hyenas

The weather in the Cayman Islands may sometime be wet and a bit chilly, but at least everyone can look forward to a ray of sunshine from the next two performers at the Laughter Lounge comedy nights next week.

They are at the Great Room in the Strand under Elements nightclub on Friday, 29 June and the following night from 8pm.

The shows will be hosted by Cory “Zooman” Miller and will feature Joe Clair from 1st Amendment on Starz. Miller has been known to make crowds laugh like hyenas. He is also widely acclaimed for his brilliant impersonations, especially of United States President Barack Obama, so that in itself is worth checking out.

Clair is best known as the former host of BET’s Rap City in the 1990s. He has a degree in psychology so should have no excuse for not understanding how to make people laugh.

The sponsors are Postnet, Intergrated Immigration and Concierge Services, Cayman Airways, Executive Class Entertainment. There is an after party.

For ticket information, call 925-9637.