Myles leads Roti

Dominoes will continue to be slammed on Grand Cayman next month.

The Cayman Islands Domino Association sees the next round of matches in the 2012 national league next Sunday, 8 July.

Games will take place in George Town.

Mango Tree sees team Archies facing the Island All-Stars while Singh’s Roti Shop features the Roti team, behind the likes of Don Myles and Don Parsons, battling East End Mystical Youth.

News of those matches come after DLK had a resounding 27-point victory over Archies last Sunday.

DLK insisted all of their players were stars and credited a team effort for the victory.

Interestingly, the results of the Sea Inn-Roti game will be relayed at a later date as the match was stopped whilst 
in process.