New physiotherapist joins ChiroSpa practice

Physiotherapist specialist Catherine Mason has joined the team at ChiroSpa Clinic.

Ms Mason, who was born in Sheffield, England, and who studied and obtained a bachelor of science in physiotherapy from the Manchester Metropolitan University, has worked in intensive care, outpatients and paediatrics departments in hospitals across the north west of England.

“Working in many diverse areas of physiotherapy has given me the opportunity to mentor many of the elite physiotherapists in England who have shared their knowledge and expertise with me,” Ms Mason said.

“In practice, I have been able to care for a wide range of conditions, including sporting injuries, fractures, strokes, cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy. This knowledge gives me the confidence to handle even the toughest of cases,” she said.

Ms Mason added: “ChiroSpa Clinic has such a great reputation for helping people of the Cayman Islands and I am confident that I will be able to provide the highest quality of care that is expected of me.”

She came to Grand Cayman in May 2011 and completed an internship with Dr. Robert Bouliane at ChiroSpa Clinic and decided to move to Grand Cayman after enjoying her experience working and living on island.

“I am very excited to be back in Grand Cayman providing physiotherapy service for the Cayman Islands’ community. I look forward to working alongside of Dr. Bouliane and assisting all kinds of patients, from athletes with strains and sprains to individuals who have had joints replaced and people who need help managing their arthritis. Dr. Bouliane accepts the toughest of cases, so I am up for the challenge,” she said.

Back in England, Ms Mason was always active and participated in netball, tennis, ballet and horse riding since a young age. Taking part in these activities required her to need physiotherapy herself, from which she developed an interest in field. She now enjoys running and working out on a regular basis.

Ms Mason is accepting patients as a member of the team at ChiroSpa Clinic at Rankin’s Plaza on Eastern Avenue.