Teenage inventor visits UCCI

Teen inventor and marine biology advocate, Nate Newman, gave an inspiring presentation to an audience whose ages ranged from six to over sixty at the University College of the Cayman Islands recently.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the 17-year old high school senior discussed his involvement in Wild Goose Imaging; designer and manufacturer of the first-ever, self-cleaning, submersible web camera housing, which is used to facilitate underwater data collection, surveillance and seabed imagery. He also discussed his non-profit organisation Teens4Oceans, which seeks to encourage young people to take an interest in marine biology and discover the mysteries of the ocean.

Nate spoke passionately regarding his interest in technology and discussed a number of his past inventions, which included a popsicle holder and innovative tent designs. He referred to inventor Elon Musk, co-founder of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Paypal, as one of his role models. Also, looking back on his childhood experiences, he shared how his parents, who are both teachers, encouraged his enthusiasm and creativity.

The presentation became even more interesting when the question and answer session ensued. The young students of George Town Primary School asked many intelligent questions, which delighted and sometimes surprised Nate and the adults in the room.

UCCI President Roy Bodden was clearly impressed with the 17-year old, “I know that this young man will go on to pursue great things. I see in Nate the next Steve Jobs.”

Nate’s organisation Teens4Oceans is embarking on a project to deploy a communications buoy system and accompanying suite of data and video equipment to perform research on coral reefs off East End.

He has further encouraged the other students to establish a local chapter of Teen4Oceans and join the growing network of young men and women who share marine adventures all over the world.