Second referendum debate scheduled

Nonprofit group Generation Now is organising a second debate on the issue of “one man, one vote” in the run up to the referendum scheduled for 18 July. 

The debate, titled “One Man, One Vote: Yes or No” will be held at 7pm, Thursday, 12 July, at the Harquail Theatre. 

Speakers at the debate will be Cabinet minister Rolston Anglin and Member of the Legislative Assembly Ellio Solomon from the United Democratic Party, North Side independent MLA Ezzard Miller from the One Man, One Vote Committee, Chamber of Commerce president David Kirkaldy and Wayne Panton from the People’s Progressive Movement party. 

Thursday’s debate will invite panellists to consider whether the Cayman Islands should retains its current multi-member, multi-vote elector system; or if the territory should be divided into 18 separate voting districts from which each would send one person to the Legislative Assembly every four years. 

The local think tank group organised a debate on the same subject in March, before Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush announced the referendum would be held on Wednesday, 18 July. At the time of the previous debate, it looked likely that the referendum would held at the same time as the general election in 2013. 

The debate will be held at 7pm, Thursday, 12 July, at the Harquail Theatre. 


  1. Mr. Bush plans to increase duty on cigarrettes and liquor, which will hurt local business owners further, while at the same time granting tax concessions and 50% of future tourist revenue to a certain entrepeneur. No wonder he’s campaigning against this initiative so vehemently – he wouldn’t be able to continue selling our future to the highest bidder! What are we waiting for to organize a march from the MLA to the Gov’t building DEMANDING this man step down?! Unemployment is bad and poised to get worse with its resulting ripple effect of foreclosures, homeless, increased crime, depression, suicide, etc.
    What are we waiting for?
    The mom gotta go, bobo!!!

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