Centre offers vocational training

Allan Moore’s motto is, ‘Students today, professionals tomorrow’

Classes are set to start on Monday, 16 July, for students who want to work as an electrician, plumber, welder or air conditioning technician. Venue is the Community Vocational Training Centre, located in the C & M Building on School Road, near George Town Primary School. 

The man behind the training centre is Allan Moore, well known as government electrical inspector and electrical superintendent with the Public Works Department. In a significant portion of the community, he is also known for his years with the Cayman Islands Football Association. 

Calling on his contacts throughout Grand Cayman, Mr. Moore has enlisted a roster of instructors for courses that will enable apprentice students to take exams for their licence or meet local industry standards in occupations where there are no government exams. 

Mr. Moore has also arranged for people in the other fields to share their expertise with students who have expressed an interest in heavy equipment operation, truck driving, bartending, disk jockeying, customer service and tourism-related jobs. 

There are no entry requirements. Courses are open to anybody in the community who is 17 years or older and who will commit to attending a minimum of two classes per week. He noted that the centre’s location is convenient for residents of neighbourhoods along Eastern Avenue and Shedden Road. 

Registration closes Thursday, 12 July. There is a $150 fee for the apprenticeship classes, but arrangements can be made for time payments, and Mr. Moore said he will not turn anyone away who is serious about learning. His adopted motto is “Students today, professionals tomorrow”. 

The length of courses is not in terms of weeks or semesters, but in skills learned. Mr. Moore used the electrical course as an example. The first topic covered will be measurements, he said. Once the students have reached a satisfactory level of performance, they will go on to study the electrical symbols used in blueprints. When they master that skill, they will go on to the next topic and continue through the programme. 

By the time a student completes the course he will have spent several hundred hours in class, in the field and on team projects. 

Mr. Moore expressed pride in the fact that, in a class he taught recently, 20 out of 29 students passed their electrical exam. 

Apprentice plumbers, welders and air conditioning technicians will follow similar regimes. 

Along with the classroom, facilities will include a workshop behind the C & M Building in a covered area demarcated by two, 40-foot containers and one, 20-foot container arranged to provide three walls. Volunteers who turned out last Saturday to prepare the site included Dale Ramoon, Quinten Logan, Lorraine Ebanks, Dougal Foster and Audley Irons. 

Lorna Bush was on hand to provide moral support. Through the Caymanian Empowerment Agency she founded, Ms Bush has provided administrative assistance as well. “Allan and I have two completely different entities complementing each other,” she said. “But our dreams and aspirations converge at some point.”  

In support of those aspirations, 15 people have volunteered to serve as vocational instructors and five more have enlisted to serve on an advisory board: Lee Ramoon, Walling Whittaker, Pamela Myrie, David Rankin and Mario Rankin. 

Another indication of support occurred recently when Ms Bush brought to the training centre a number of donated computers. It was after working hours and a resident of the neighbourhood was walking by. Mr. Moore asked if he would help carry the computers inside. The man put down his beer and performed the task. When Mr. Moore reached for his wallet, the man shook his head. “That’s what we’re here for,” he said. “To work together.” 

vocational training 1

Allan Moore is ready to open the doors at the Community Vocational Traning Centre. – Photos: Carol Winker

vocational training 2

The crew are seen sprucing up the area between the classroom and the workshop. They are, from left, Lorraine Ebanks, Dale Ramoon, Allan Moore, Lorna Bush and Quinten Logan.


  1. Excellent program, I hope all of those young folks out of work will take full advantage of this..

    My hat off to Mr. Moore, thanks for your dedication and selfless service.. When the going get tough, the tough get going.

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