Home Gas Advocating for a better community in every way

Home Gas’ mission is to build a better Cayman and the staff and management team are deeply committed to realising this goal. As a potential catalyst for change Home Gas is active not only in advocating for and promoting the use of cleaner, alternative energy solutions, but is also a staunch supporter of numerous community activities and programmes, all of which will ensure the Cayman Islands remains a viable, affordable and sustainable community in the future.

“We have many goals – including everything from offering eco-friendly energy solutions at an affordable price, to supporting youth and adult sports programmes for healthy minds and bodies,” said Dayne Brady, General Manager for Home Gas and coach for CI Little League.

Green Affordable Energy
Home Gas puts a more environmentally responsible lifestyle within every household’s reach, by supplying a range of propane appliances, including tankless water heaters, cook stoves, dryers, generators, air conditioning units and tiki torches, which are not only cleaner burning, but more economical to run.

 “If it runs off propane, and Home Gas doesn’t carry it, we will order it for you and bring it here,” added Paul Gayton, Operations Manager for Home Gas.

Advocate for Sustainable Energy
Home Gas holds a seat on the National Energy Policy Sub-Committee, because propane is recognised as a practical alternative energy solution in the Cayman Islands. Home Gas aims to share their expertise with others in the energy field and to highlight how the choices people make now will impact our environment in the future.

Finding alternative energy sources is an international priority. It is a proven fact that the use of propane, whether for powering appliances or as an alternative motor fuel can reduce energy costs,  and help to conserve our environment, an air quality in particular.

Caring for our Precious Reefs
As advocates for environmental awareness, Home Gas is not only concerned with land and air conditions. The company is also committed to helping protect the marine environment and for this reason, continues to support local lionfish culling efforts.

“The highly invasive lionfish must be stopped from destroying not only our reefs but a valuable aspect of Caymanian heritage and its future,” said Mr. Brady.

Nurturing Our Youth
Home Gas is deeply involved in the community, especially programmes which benefit children. Youth programmes can keep our youth physically fit, teach them valuable life skills and promote healthy minds and bodies. Home Gas is proud to have been a sponsor of the Cayman Islands Little League (CILL) for the past 13 years. Mr. Brady and many of the Home Gas staff have coached various Home Gas teams and volunteered at the Field of Dreams. The company has also participated in various fundraisers to support a CILL travel team.

A professional chef will always choose to cook with gas and Home Gas is proud to have sponsored the Youth Cook-off at this year’s Agriculture Show and the 2012 Sizzling Summer Series Culinary Camp. These programmes introduce children to the joy of cooking. Home Gas will also sponsor a Kids Cook-off at this year’s Island Living Show.

Working in Tandem with the CI Government
As part of their community outreach efforts, Home Gas has assisted the needy by supporting government housing projects. Home Gas has donated several tankless water heaters and other appliances, plus installation and labour, to projects such as the Lyndhurst government apartments in George Town and Sun Rise Cottages in East End. Through their support, housing can be made more affordable and energy costs kept down for those members of the community of limited means.

Safety in the community is a top priority and Home Gas has worked closely with the Cayman Islands Fire Services department to support their training by providing them with free propane gas used to create controlled fires at the Fire Services training facility. In this way, the flow of gas can be extinguished through water hoses by the fire fighters, but also controlled at the source for the immediate cessation of the flame.

Home Gas is also partnering with the Fire Services Department to train fire fighters to deal with a Boeing767 crash. Although the crash simulation will use diesel fuel, Home Gas will rig the massive steel structure to ignite in the engine and body of the test plane.

Earlier this year, Home Gas held the first ever multi-jurisdictional LPG emergency training exercise to ensure that should a major accident ever occur all responders would know how to work together to resolve the situation quickly and effectively.

“Green” Pest Control
One of the safest chemical-free ways to help combat mosquitoes is the Mosquito Magnet. These devices work by releasing a continuous stream of carbon dioxide (similar to human exhalation) which draws in the mosquitoes, where they are trapped and die. As an advocate for pest control, Home Gas is pleased to have helped the Mosquito Research Control Unit get their message out to the public by sponsoring a radio ad promoting other easy and natural ways to reduce the mosquito population.

For the Betterment of Cayman
In order to serve the interests of the community, Home Gas listens to their customers. The company strives to deliver the best, most up to date propane technology to every one of them. To see how you can do your part to help keep our country “Clean and Green” go to one of their offices or visit Home Gas at the upcoming Island Living Show at the ARC in Camana Bay.

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