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 Ten years ago, Martin Wilson and Michael Hypolite realized the need for improved IT services in the Cayman Islands. It was at this point they had the idea to establish their own company, Information Technology Solutions (ITS).

ITS would focus on reasonable pricing, an honest and a reliable service, coupled with professionalism and experience. In 2006 that idea became a reality and since then ITS has been changing the way that their customers view technology.

ITS is based on the premise that if it offers quality and affordable IT services, customers will keep coming back. They have certainly proved that the formula works. ITS now supports over 50 offices locally and numerous companies around the globe. Their staff have over 40 years of combined expertise.

ITS started by offering Consulting and Managed Services. Through the Consulting area of the business, ITS can assess existing IT environments and provide a fully detailed list of recommendations to improve/secure your existing setup.

Alternatively, ITS can liaise with the necessary people to design and implement a full network environment, whether it be a simple server setup or to Virtual Environments utilizing SAN technologies with automated Disaster Recovery.

They then compliment this through Managed Services which provides monitoring software that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ITS technicians are alerted to issues occurring in client networks and in fact, they often resolve an issue or are on-site before the client is aware that anything was/is wrong.

Over the years demand has required ITS to expand and add a variety of services, including data backup and co-location initiatives:

Data backup services
Ask any company what its primary concern would be in the event of a disaster, and the odds are good that data recovery is at the top of the list. Emails, documents, spreadsheets, contacts…the list goes on and on.

As the Cayman Islands are located in a prime area for hurricanes, disaster recovery should be the concern of every company. Data backup is crucial to the integrity of a firm and the ability to get back online as quickly as possible is of paramount importance. ITS’s data centre is not only a stronghold for vital information, it also features multiple redundancy systems so there can be no single point of failure. The offices have an indoor generator, so there is no concern of an outdoor generator being damaged or destroyed due to severe weather.

ITS understands that when it comes to business, minimising down time is key to reducing loss of income. Their data centre located at Breezy Castle, Airport Road, houses state-of-the-art equipment in a hurricane rated building. Their backup service offers some unique options that are unavailable anywhere else on the island.

As clients pay a per-gigabyte fee for storage, ITS only charges for the space required after the data has been compressed, which can reduce the cost significantly.
Clients choose what data they want to back up, thus allowing them a more bespoke service.

The first month of the contract is free so that ITS can tailor the backup package specifically to the client’s needs, advising them where necessary.

Data is compressed and encrypted BEFORE it leaves the client’s site.

Backups are stored in ITS’s secure data centre AND overseas in the UK.
In the event of a disaster, the local backup can be dispatched and loaded quickly: minutes-to-hours instead of days-to-weeks. The latter can be the issue when backups are only stored overseas.
A retention (archive) period from a week to 10 years–particularly relevant to law firms that must keep copies of all files for seven years.

Each client is given their own login information for access to their own data and so they can perform their own restores if they wish.

Co-location services
With office space costing a premium, particularly in prime locations, many companies are now looking for alternatives to keeping their servers on-site. ITS has the solution, thanks to a state-of-the-art data centre that provides all the bells and whistles without all the cost. You might say that they offer businesses the opportunity to rent technology real estate.

Let’s say that you have an office with limited space but you want a network setup that would usually require a server room, uninterrupted power supplies and backup systems. Instead of spending the money on such a major installation, why not take space in a rack at ITS?

Your server goes in, it enjoys the benefit of all the redundancy and backup systems in the centre, and you simply pay a monthly fee instead of a making a huge investment. Once your server is in place, all information can be accessed remotely and suddenly you’re online with no headaches.

In the event of a disaster, you can be secure in the knowledge that your server is in a facility specifically designed to withstand hurricanes. ITS is located on the second floor, which in turn means flooding is also not a concern. Co-location is one of the most reliable ways for companies to set up a robust network and keep their servers safe.

ITS provides the following as part of their co-location services:

  • Rack cabinets
  • Network connectivity
  • Cooling
  • Physical security
  • Live monitoring of all these functions for failures
  • Redundancy systems

Companies that use this facility can expect these benefits:

  • Higher reliability due to redundant systems
  • Full time monitoring by real personnel
  • Specialist staff as support, which would not usually be affordable as regular employees on their payroll

Businesses may not be aware of the many options available to them on the island, and could be making compromises in their output that are unnecessary because they don’t realise that access to high-end computer equipment exits on a co-location basis.

This service is a sound choice, allowing companies to operate at maximum efficiency with minimum financial risk. ITS specialises in showing clients how they can revolutionise their operations at a far lower cost than they may think possible.

ITS provides installation, monitoring and support services forlocal schools, accountancy firms, law firms, banks and many other private companies. From a small plan hatched 10 years ago,ITS has grown into a successful and innovative company.

If you feel it’s time that you started taking a hard look at how you can make your company more efficient, lower your costs and put a solid disaster recovery plan in place, ITS is a step in the right direction.