Is Your Business Missing Something?

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  Industry in the Cayman Islands has not been immune to the effects of the global economic downturn in recent years and this has certainly affected the ways in which local businesses operate. This is turn has presented challenges to IT departments who are charged with cutting costs, keeping additional IT investments under close control and quickly addressing new business needs.  

In short, in times of economic downturn, IT departments are challenged to do more with less.

In addition to budgetary issues, the sheer complexity of IT infrastructure can be difficult to manage and it is not uncommon for IT departments to spend around 70% of their time and effort, ‘keeping the lights on’, leaving little time to drive innovation.

Technology is meant to make life simpler, but for many organisations, this is not the case and slow response times, network outages, and system down-times are no longer a mere inconvenience–they affect the bottom line.

The final issue facing companies today is that it has become increasingly difficult for companies to source the right expertise in-house to support complex environments–a reality which is magnified in the offshore environment, where staff recruitment and retention is a constant challenge.

When faced with these challenges, many businesses have sought assistance from MCS, the largest and most experienced IT Professional Services company in the Cayman Islands. MCS has a wide range of services to help companies of all sizes, from taking care of all Operational IT Support issues for clients who have no internal IT function, to project services and independent consultancy.

MCS uses the latest technology, tools and industry best practice in service delivery, provided by highly skilled, multi-disciplined and dedicated IT professionals. This means that this key element of organizational back office functionality is not compromised, delivering both lower IT operational support costs and world-class service delivery.