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 Mediation v. Counselling

Though both mediators and counsellors help their clients resolve problems through increased communication and understanding, several important distinctions exist between the two services:
A counsellor assists the client gain a better understanding of his individual behaviour.

A mediator assists parties reach a specific agreement as to how they will deal with identified issues.

A counsellor is concerned with how the client feels about a range of relevant experiences. A mediator, while acknowledging a person’s feelings, does not explore them in any depth.

A counsellor explores several aspects of an individual’s life in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the person’s beliefs and behaviours. A mediator focuses on the problem at hand to come up with specific resolutions for the future.

Counselling tends to be an on-going process and fosters a continued relationship between the therapist and the client. Mediation is a structured process that is usually restricted to one or a few sessions.

The Bottom Line

Mediation: When people are in conflict, often the objective becomes more about winning the fight then actually getting what you want; people enter negotiations with firm positions already in mind of what they will accept.

When this happens, even if a settlement is reached, the relationship between those involved is likely damaged–sometimes beyond repair. Through a mediation process, the mediator helps participants to consider what they truly want and to explore all available options for resolution, even those that allow for the other person to walk away with something.

Counselling: Through the therapy process, counsellors help people see alternatives to the ways they process data as a way of breaking a cycle of negative thinking. Once cognitions are in transition or a certain amount of awareness occurs, behaviour and emotions change and the individual has success in viewing the situation with a more positive outlook.

Mediation and counselling are both useful tools to help individuals solve problems and are oftentimes used in conjunction with one another. However, understanding the differences between the two allows individuals to make the right choice when deciding which service is most appropriate for their specific situation.

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