TeleCayman’s data centre services certified

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  Since its launch in 2004, TeleCayman has evolved rapidly, not only keeping pace with developments in the telecommunications industry but staying ahead of the curve when it comes to providing cutting edge services to local business clients.

This has not been limited to improvements to physical infrastructure, but also includes TeleCayman, as well as its sister company TeleBermuda, receiving SSAE16 certification for their data centre operations.

“Many of our clients have enquired about SAS70 compliance. That used to be the old acronym for a standard for public accountants that is used for reporting on service organisations and whether certain controls are in place.

The part two was replaced by SSAE16 and it is now the authoritative guidance for service organisations,” says Chris Haydon, business solutions and sales manager at TeleCayman.

The examination was developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, with the examination of TeleCayman’s facilities being conducted by professional services company KPMG.

“An independent auditor has visited our site in Cayman and has looked for controls which range from physical security to network security. They’ve inspected our licences, they’ve inspected our contracting, they’ve inspected the layout of the data centre, who has access and who doesn’t have access. So we were very pleased that we received that certification in Cayman and also our sister company in Bermuda,” says Mr Haydon.

Having the certification has made it much easier for TeleCayman to show prospective clients that their operations adhere to the highest standards and has certainly made it easier for the company to demonstrate the quality of their services to international organisations looking for a local data centre services provider.

“The focus of our growth has really been collocation, and we’ve had a number of customers over the last 12 months that have moved their business operations in here. Their auditors were asking for that certification,” says Mr. Haydon.

According to Gregory Swan, president and COO of the company, obtaining an unqualified report should serve as proof to prospective clients that their business will be in good hands should they choose TeleCayman.

“Having been subject to the testing in accordance with this new framework, we are extremely pleased to have an unqualified report, further validating the high quality of the infrastructure controls and processes of our leading edge data centre,” says Mr. Swan.

When the company launched locally in 2004, TeleCayman started with a fixed wireless network with a fibre infrastructure independent of other network providers, with interconnection via a series of network towers across Grand Cayman.

TeleCayman owns, maintains and operates network routers, switching and multiplexing equipment located at the International Network Operations Centre in Cayman Corporate Centre in George Town.

More recently the company has started to build out a fibre network connecting the George Town area. This build out started in 2009 and to date has grown to encompass Camana Bay, providing businesses with an entirely fibre network solution offering speeds of up to 1 Gigabit along with greater security and superior resilience.

Up to date TeleCayman’s fibre network touches some 40 business centres in Grand Cayman, with further rollouts planned for the near future.

The expansion of the fibre network has allowed TeleCayman to gain more business customers for its range of collocation and data backup and recovery services.

“We’re very pleased about that. The company has really weathered the storm as far as the economy goes,” says Mr. Haydon.

He says that the focus of the business will remain the provision of services to businesses.

“I think we are going to continue to go up the ladder as far as more collocation, backup and recovery services and application management goes,” says Mr. Haydon.

He says he has also noticed a shift in the way many international companies with local offices operate in that they will look to local service providers rather than deal with the same company that provide their international services.

To an extent this is driven by some of the bigger providers getting out of the long haul point to point landline business, which means that many international companies like banks that have become used to having a one stop shop experience for all their services will have to start reaching out to local companies capable of providing those services.

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