Treasure hunt at Calico Jack’s

Can you dig it?

Well you better try because otherwise you’re gonna get precisely nowhere this Sunday, 15 July at Calico Jack’s.

That’s because it’s a special charity treasure hunt in aid of Sunrise Adult Training Centre from 1.30 to 6pm and there’s a ton of ace prizes to be won, too.

Our mate Sian Weinzweig of Epic Day Entertainment tells us how it all works.

“Tokens will get buried in the sand and then you pay for the chance to dig them out – each token equates to a prize and you get 10 minutes to dig.

“First dig costs $25 and then each subsequent one costs $10. There will also be a chance to buy raffle tickets for prizes that aren’t dug up which you get automatically entered into if you don’t find anything,” she says. Costumes are welcomed, she adds, bearing in mind the fact that you will probably get covered in sand, of course.

The earth moves

Thing is, you can’t dig with anything other than your hands – so no earth moving equipment necessary (that’s what she didn’t say). Oh, and by the way, the raffle tickets are $3 each or $5 for two. There’s gonna be a big prize set aside for this one.

Prizes announced by the time of print include Cayman Airways tickets, restaurant vouchers, helicopter rides, Stingray City tours, Atlantis submarine trips and loads more to be confirmed. There will be an MC in charge, says Sian. Obviously, we asked her if we could get any insider tips. Don’t tell anybody, but here’s what she said. “The secret to success is to get there early as the longer the dig goes on the deeper the tokens get buried.”