Online poll Most will watch some of Olympics

More than 81 per cent of the respondents to last week’s online poll said they will watch at least some of the television coverage of the London Summer Olympics, which start later this month.

Of the 591 respondents, the largest segment – 292 people or 49.4 per cent – said they would only watch now and then.

“I have to work,” said one person.

“Track and field and football … that’s it,” said someone else.

“As much as I can, but not glued to the TV either,” said another respondent.

“Yes, but for the sports I’m interested in, I will watch events with any country in, not just my own,” commented one person.

“I guess it depends a lot on what events are on television at the time,” said someone else.

“I will be attending,” commented another person.

Another large segment of respondents – 152 people or 25.7 per cent – said they would be glued to the television to watch every televised event.

“Swimming, running, football and basketball events have me for sure,” said one person.

“I’ll be in the UK watching it,” said someone else.

Another 38 people – 6.4 per cent – said they would watch the Olympics, but only events where people from their own country are participating.

“People from the Caribbean,” said one person.

“I’ll watch all the cycling events – track and road – a little track and field, and pool events such as diving and swimming,” said someone else. Seventy-five people – 12.7 per cent – said they wouldn’t watch the Olympics because they weren’t interested in it and another 34 people – 5.8 per cent – said they wouldn’t watch it because it was boring.

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Which of the following do you think is the biggest issue facing the Cayman Islands right now?

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