Music camp takes children around the world and back

The Montessori Home Tutoring programme hosted a summer camp centred around music, dancing, drama and the arts at Musicians Ltd. in the Coconut Place complex on West Bay Road from 9-13 July. 

Each day, 20 children, ranging in age from 5 to 11, took part in activities that focused on a different part of the world and explored that area through the arts. The youngsters also brought in a show and tell item from the country of the day to discuss with their friends, in addition to singing the national anthem from the country being studied at the start of each day. 

For Brazil “The Girl from Ipanema” dance, Amazon Rainforest craft and animal quizzes, the “Coffe” song and jewellery making were featured. England featured London improvisations, London Bus Craft, as well as the Jubilee theme song and craft. For the United States, the children learned the Cha Cha slide, New York graffiti, cheerleading and 4 July fireworks collages. India featured the recreation of an Indian wedding composing a Raga and making an elephant mask. Meanwhile, the Cayman Islands was celebrated with soca dancing, creating a pictorial timeline, composing and performing calypso and making musical instruments. 

“Our objective for the camp was to transport the children to different parts of the world. Combining music, dance, drama and art enabled us to build a memorable impression of all the areas we visited. The camp brings theses places to life,” said Natasha Wellfare, camp director. 

The camp is now in its second year. 

“This unique camp provides students with many opportunities to sing, dance, act and create amazing artwork. There really is something for everyone here and students go away having learnt so much about the music and culture of chosen countries. It’s always an amazing adventure,” said Janine Staler of Musicians Ltd. 


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Montessori music camp

Students at a special music camp, along with camp directors. – PHOTO: STUART WILSON