Kings host rollers

Hockey fans can now get their fix of skating action at Kings Sports Centre.

Kings is currently staging a summer roller hockey league. Matches started in mid-June and continue every Thursday until mid-August at 8pm and 9pm. The single elimination playoffs start on 16 August, with the final on 23 August.

The competition follows on the heels of the 2012 national roller hockey league, which saw the Gamebirds hoist the iconic Cherry Cup in their first year. Brendon Malice captained the winners past fellow rookie squad the Club House Sharks, who were the regular season champions.

For the summer league, players are divided into four teams: the Gamecocks, Flames, Sharks and High Rollers. While the teams are similar to those in the national competition, with most of the participants also taking part, the squads are slated to be different as members of the Spartans have been dispersed on to the various sides.