Scotland praises junior tacklers after their title defence in Mexico

The Cayman Under-19 national rugby team successfully defended their North American Caribbean Rugby Association region title in Mexico City this month, taking home the trophy for the second year in a row.

Among those proud of the youngsters is Minister of Sport Mark Scotland.

“Congratulations to all involved in this achievement,” Scotland said. “Our young players’ continued success – both as a team and individual players – speak volumes about the Cayman Rugby Football Union’s investment in and commitment to the development of rugby in the Cayman Islands.”

The victory also marks the fourth time in five years that the Cayman union has won the title. The win came after three qualifying games that were played in May and June this year: Cayman beat Mexico 11-6; lost to Bermuda 7-3, but recovered to beat Barbados 60-0. They then went on to beat Trinidad and Tobago in the regional final 20-10.

Cayman also had three players named ‘Man of the Match’ during the qualifiers: Dan Hall, Tom Mann and Alex Pineau. Morgan Hayward was awarded the tournament’s Most Valuable Player on a unanimous decision by the International Rugby Board officials and team coaches and managers.

Cayman union president Derek Haines added his praise as well, stating, “The Cayman union, coaches and management are very proud of all the players and wish all graduating players future success in rugby. This was an outstanding tournament that continues to show the success of the Cayman Islands rugby programme.”


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