Brac to host its first cancer survivors dinner

For the first time, Cayman Brac will host its own cancer survivors dinner to honour those who have overcome the disease and remember those who have succumbed to it.

The free dinner, with its theme Life is Sweet, will feature some deliciously decadent desserts, including a chocolate fountain and cakes.

Breast cancer survivor Connie Godet put the event together in just six weeks as one of her first efforts as a volunteer with the Cancer Society. So far, 75 people have confirmed their attendance at the dinner, which will be held on Saturday, 28 July, at the Brac Reef Beach Resort.

“I have been trying to volunteer with the Cancer Society this year. I’m a cancer survivor myself. I had breast cancer in 2010 and I’d wanted to volunteer since then,” she said. However, family issues, including the death of her father earlier this year, meant she was not able to dedicate her efforts to the Cancer Society.

However, she helped with a Cancer Society health expo on Cayman Brac in May and then put her time, skills and local contacts into organising the survivors dinner.

Each year, the Cayman Islands Cancer Society hosts the annual dinner for survivors on Grand Cayman and thanks to Ms Godet’s efforts, this will be the first time one will be held on the Brac. The Grand Cayman survivors dinner was held on 12 June.

“I didn’t even know they had those dinners on Grand Cayman until a friend, who is also a cancer survivor, asked me if I was going. I called the Cancer Society and asked if we could have one here on the Brac, but they said it was impossible because they could not get sponsors.

“Well, being a Cayman Bracker, I wouldn’t take no for an answer and I said I’d get some sponsorships, maybe on a smaller scale, but I thought I could get it organised here,” she said.

And that’s what she did.

The Brac Reef Beach Resort offered its conference room for the dinner and the resort, along with the Alexander Hotel, agreed to provide the food.

Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and District Commissioner Ernie Scott will speak at the event, at which music will be provided by the C Level band.

Ms Godet contacted 35 cancer survivors on Cayman Brac. Of those, 21 confirmed that they would attend, along with family members.


  1. Thanks so much for this article.

    Just to clarify – our main sponsors are Mr. Layman Emmiel Scott Jr., Mr. Daniel Scott Mr. Jude Scott along with the Brac Reef Beach Resort Alexander Hotel. Other sponsors are the Honourable Deputy Premier, Ms. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Uncle Clem’s.

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