Jamaican develops Cayman

Patrick Broderick Sr. was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and began his working life as a land surveyor in his home country. He had first studied at St. George’s College in Kingston, and then went on to take land surveying courses at the University of the West Indies whilst working with the Jamaican government at the same time.

Back then the roads in Jamaica were torturous, so it was always interesting conducting engineering surveys when you had mountains, rivers and thick vegetation with which to contend. As Broderick had already gained a good deal of experience in this field, he was sent with a team to the Cayman Islands in 1956 when he was only about 21 years old to survey the Islands and ready them for road construction. This job was somewhat of a breeze compared to the terrain of Jamaica, and so he spent a few years here supervising the creation of new roads.

At the same time he met Celeste, the woman who was to become his future wife. She was working at the Seaview Hotel back then, a popular spot for people to gather after a hard day’s work. Broderick used to head there on some evenings and the rest, as they say, is history.

They moved to his homeland for a while, but finally made the decision in 1977 that they would permanently reside in Grand Cayman. In the first 10 years Broderick was working as a freelance surveyor, but then took the leap to open his own business. Patrick C. Broderick & Co. Limited started life in his house, but as the company expanded and needed to take on staff, he realised that perhaps he needed an office. He opened shop on Godfrey Nixon Way in 1991 and has been in the industry ever since.