Welly’s Cool Spot really hot

Head down North Sound Road across from AL Thompson’s and you’ll find one of the most authentic Caribbean restaurants and bars anywhere. Welly’s Cool Spot is becoming famous for its Caribbean dishes and has been a staple of Cayman’s culinary scene for several decades. It’s been picked up on so many times as a ‘hidden gem’ that it’s no longer hidden; but a gem it remains.
Wayne English explained that the establishment has been open since 1965.

“The atmosphere is simply of a Caribbean bar. It is lively in the evenings; we have disc jockeys playing a mix of Caribbean music, hip hop, R&B and that kind of thing,” said Mr. English.

Worth seeking out

The Caribbean cuisine comprises such things as jerk, conch stew, fry chicken, curry goat and more and has been feted for its sauces. The portions are also legendary and as well as being a popular sit-down joint; clients in the know are also prone to ordering takeout. The location is very central and although it’s slightly tucked away from the main road, it’s definitely worth seeking out. If you’ve located the Humane Society and AL Thompson’s then you’re going to be in for a delicious treat. Welly’s Cool Spot really is the taste of the Caribbean and at evenings there’s a lot of fun to be had from the bar and nightlife scene there too with friendly locals gathering to do their funky thing as the sun slides beneath the horizon.

Mr. English is originally from St. Catherine’s Parish and he said that he wanted to congratulate Jamaica and the Jamaican community of Cayman on the auspicious occasion of the 50th anniversary of independence.

“I hope everyone has a good time and want to thank all the customers for their patronage throughout the years. I hope Jamaica can continue to improve in all the different aspects of life,” he said.

Contact 949-2541.