Cayman musicians in online stores

Cayman’s local talent has entered the international scene by way of the world wide web. Fans of Memory of Justice, Thanks and Praises and Swanky Kitchen Band may purchase their favourite albums or singles from online stores such as iTunes,, Spotify and MySpace Music.

With the production and release of two top-notch albums out of Hopscotch Recording Studios in 2011, the timing is only to make available to the world what we have enjoyed in our own backyard for years. Albums of 2011 include Swanky Kitchen Band’s Sand Dance and Thanks and Praises’ Rise Above. Previously recorded Memory of Justice albums Life, Play the Game, and Songs from the Crib, make up the list.

“After performing at the HomeComing Concert last December, I had a lady in Ohio call the studio and ask how she could get our album,” says Greggy G of Hopscotch and Memory of Justice. “I understand the path the music market has gone and we cannot get a piece of the pie if we aren’t out there for people to purchase our work. I see my grandchildren loading up their iPods with music and think why not our albums!”

The decision to have these available was an easy one with the desire to grow the fan base of all three groups. Memory of Justice has a faithful flock who are yearning to get their favourite tunes in their earphones. As Swanky Kitchen Band continue their performances to audiences in destinations such as Panama, New York and our own Heritage Square, their fan population is quickly on the rise. Lastly, the awareness of Thanks and Praises is of high interest with the band getting ready to record their sophomore album later this summer.

“It’s exciting just seeing our album cover with ‘download album or select single’ on the Internet,” comments Samuel Rose, founding member of Swanky Kitchen Band. Rose is gleaming from ear to ear seeing his hard work available in the public domain. “As soon as I got confirmation I called my brother in the States and told him to get his copy – digital style!”

Hopscotch and the bands’ management rep encourage all fans, local, regional and international, to get online, buy the albums, and write a review about these works. This is just the beginning of hearing our music on the airwaves. The management team has many more plans in store for these groups for the upcoming months.