East End boasts legion of spikers

East End is looking to further boost its volleyball talent.

After a short but successful indoor competition, the East End Sports Committee is putting on a beach league next month. As organizer John McLean Junior states, the goal is to nurture talent in and out of the district.

“We have the second annual beach volleyball league starting on 5 August and running through the 26th,” McLean Jr said. “Our goal in that league is to attract people from outside of East End to come and enjoy our hospitality, bring revenue to East End by purchasing the best food on the Island and for the people of East End to get experience as they grow in the sport of volleyball.”

The committee hosted the East End Community Volleyball League in June at the East End Civic Centre. A number of teams took part in 2012. East End Bullets emerged the adult champions with 18 points, beating out U Done Know’s 15 points. Back at Cha finished third with nine points and D Black Momba was fourth with six points. Charlie and His Angels, D Youngas and The Lucky Ones were at the bottom.

In the youth division, the East End Stars were first with nine points. Playas were second with six points and Wataz placed third with three points. All of the players were under the watchful eye of referee Curtis Richards.

McLean Jr states the indoor league excited residents.

“It was an excellent turnout. The kids really enjoyed themselves and look forward to it each year. It is a step in the right direction. The residents feel good that we are trying to do something in the district because for far too long, the district has been neglected. My team and I intend to continue to empower the youths of East End and help them wherever possible, on and off the court.

“I would like to thank God and the following people who made it all possible: Donnalee Walton, Shirline Bodden, Vernie Watler-Harris and Curtis Richards. Without their professional contributions, it would not have been a success. Also, to all of those who participated, we would like to say a big thank you and see you next year.”