World view on Cayman’s budget

Compilation of international news stories on the proposed expat payroll tax


Expat Tax Proposal for Cayman Island Tax Haven – 30 Jul, 2012-07-30

Prior to 1966 when the Cayman Islands became a tax haven,
you’d have found the capital Georgetown to be a sleepy little backwater…but
with tax haven status came almost overnight sophistication…

Cayman to impose new payroll tax on expatriates 

Royal Gazette – Jul 27, 2012‎ 

By Marcia Breen Bermuda may be looking better and better in
its battle for international business with the Cayman Islands. The government
of the Cayman Islands on Wednesday announced it will, for the first time,
impose a payroll tax — but only on …

Cayman Islands proposes income tax on foreign workers 

Reuters – Jul 27, 2012‎ 

The proposal – called a “community enhancement
fee” and unprecedented in the island’s history – is effectively a 10
percent payroll tax on all foreign workers earning income over US$24000 in the Cayman
Islands. Blaming the previous administration and …

Taxes? In the Cayman Islands? New budget could tax foreigners 

Los Angeles Times – Jul 28, 2012‎ 

Tightened belts on the Caribbean islands have led Premier
McKeeva Bush to go where the Caymans have never gone before, proposing a 10% payroll
tax on foreign workers who make more than $20000 a year. Dodging the T-word,
Bush called his plan a …

Cayman Islands may adopt a payroll tax for expats, a first in
famed tax haven

Vancouver Sun – Jul 27, 2012‎ 

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands – The Cayman Islands may impose
a payroll tax on expatriate workers and that has sparked fury in a British
Caribbean territory that has long been known as a tax haven. Cayman Premier
McKeeva Bush proposed a 10 per cent tax …

Cayman Islands Proposes First Ever Income Tax On Expatriate

Huffington Post – Jul 27, 2012‎ 

The Cayman Islands may get an income tax soon, but the rich
need not worry. In an effort to balance its budget, the Cayman Islands has
proposed its first ever payroll tax — a 10 percent payroll tax on expatriate
workers earning more than $24390 per …

Cox hits back at Cayman Premier 

Royal Gazette – Jul 27, 2012‎ 

Ms Cox was answering questions from The Royal Gazette
following Cayman’s decision to levy a new payroll tax only on expatriates. Mr Bush
said he believed work permit holders would still want to live and work in the Cayman
Islands and that he didn’t …

You Know It’s Bad When The Cayman Islands Calls For Income

Forbes – Jul 26, 2012‎ 

The Premier of the Cayman Islands, McKeeva Bush, has put
forward a way to balance the government’s budget; start taxing income. The Caymans,
a British Territory which currently has no income taxes, announced that there
will be a payroll tax of 10% on …

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