Health advice dispensed on air

Tara Bush is a woman who knows firsthand the importance of following good nutritional guidelines, and being given a second chance to follow a healthy lifestyle. She made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery a number of years ago and her progress was covered by Radio Cayman during the period of a year in three-month instalments. Her extraordinary weight loss and renewed lease on life prompted her now passionate interest in health and nutrition. As a result she started the radio show “For the health of it” which is now approaching its third year on the air.

The show features a range of different topics all revolving around the human body and health, and invites guest speakers such as doctors, nutritionists, psychiatrists and patients with personal experiences to come on the air and give advice.

In the beginning, Ms Bush chose the topics herself, but as the show has gained more popularity listeners have been in touch with her to give her examples of subjects they would like covered. What began as a programme mainly revolving around nutrition has branched out to cover everything from food and fitness to cancer; heart health and sickle cell anaemia to knee replacement surgery. Even topics previously considered taboo, such as erectile dysfunction, are discussed, and the positive response has been overwhelming.

What has surprised Ms Bush is the wide demographic of her audience. Young and old, male and female tune in regularly to the programme and she consistently receives great feedback on the street. “Being given a second chance at my life has been a great motivation for me,” she said, “And I feel that in a way I have a responsibility now to the public to pass on what I’ve learned.”

“I am not afraid to ask questions of my doctors, nor should other patients. Patient advocacy is important and something we really promote on the programme.”

“Be Fit” is the main sponsor of Ms Bush’s show. It is an educational campaign that the Cayman Islands Health Authority has put together to try and get the word out to the community about the importance of good nutrition and activity. It’s all about changing lifestyles so that illnesses like Type 2 diabetes can be prevented. The leading causes of this type of diabetes are obesity and lack of exercise.

The show is presently taped, but Bush’s hope is that they will be able to go live in the future so that listeners can call in to ask questions. Keeping healthy should be everyone’s top priority, and so programmes like this are vital for keeping informed on how to look after yourself and others.

“For the health of it” is produced by Joel Wilson and it is aired every Saturday at 9.30am on Radio Cayman 89.9FM, with a repeat show on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. To suggest topics you can email [email protected]

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