Stanley Panton heads NS council

MLA recommends name change

Long-serving committee member Stanley Panton was elected unopposed as chairman of the North Side District Council Executive on Thursday night, when over 60 district residents gathered for a re-election of officers and directors. 

Mr. Panton, apparently elected in June by a one-vote majority, had called for new elections after that result was challenged (Caymanian Compass, 4 July). 

Also chosen unopposed were Pat Ebanks, deputy chairman; Patricia Miller, secretary; and Carol Scott, treasurer.  

Balloting for three director positions resulted in the election of Edna Moyle, Shelly Smith and Tracy Ebanks. 

Ezzard Miller has a seat on the executive committee by virtue of being the district MLA. 

Mr. Miller recommended several changes in the group’s constitution and urged his audience to think about them and vote when the council meets again the last Thursday in August. 

“I would like you to consider changing the name to the North Side Community Council,” he said. He noted that the group was set up in August 2009, shortly after the general elections. The Legislative Assembly passed a law in January 2011 to formalise councils in all districts, but the structure was such that the North Side District Council already in existence suggested that Mr. Miller vote against it. 

Mr. Miller shared his view on Thursday night that the way the law was written interfered with how North Side was already operating. A major concern was that the law provides for the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition to appoint members to each district council, but independent MLAs have no say. 

“I think we’ve got a good thing going. We got people involved,” Mr. Miller said. 

He also asked North Siders to consider a requirement that members pay an annual subscription of $1. “That way we’ll know who the membership is when it comes to voting,” he pointed out. Another suggestion is that a person be a member for three months before being eligible to vote. 

Qualifications for those who hold office on the executive would be changed to require that nominees are resident in North Side, eligible to vote for council, and a registered voter on the Elections Office official registry for the district of North Side. 

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