Sensible people are needed

Handing over more money (in the form of tax dollars) to this government feels a little like asking a crack addict to mind your money and expecting it to be put to good use. This may sound a little dramatic but until we are told what the Government proposes to do in order to tighten their belts and curb their spending, the People have to be opposed to handing over any more money – all people – expats or Caymanians.

As much as we can all agree that the Premier’s proposal is constitutional in that there is a provision to allow discrimination in the matters of immigration and taxation, we all have to ask ourselves is this really the most sensible solution.

Sadly, whether this goes ahead or not, what’s been said cannot be unsaid and this has become a very divisive issue – interesting therefore that the proposed tax is to be called “Community Enhancement”.

There are many people, expatriates and Caymanians, who would welcome the opportunity to provide positive ideas in an attempt at finding solutions to the predicament we find ourselves in – many people (myself included) are angry because there really is no good reason that we find ourselves in the position we’re in – we got here only because of ‘our’ greed, arrogance and perhaps ignorance. We had rainy day money that we spent on sunny days and here we are. And yet, despite feeling that I had no say in how we ended up in this position of poverty, I am absolutely prepared to tighten my own belt in order to help us get out of this but I want to see our leaders leading by example – it’s simply not right to expect everyone else to tighten their belts with no intention of doing the same.

I saw a bumper sticker once that said, “How can I be broke when I still have cheques left?” I believe it’s time to take the cheque book away and get ourselves educated as to the actual position we’re in – no more clever accounting – just the facts. We have some brilliant minds here and it’s time the Government acknowledged the expertise of these brilliant minds and formed a sensible group of people who might actually have some ideas to get us through this without the need for direct taxation and without the divisiveness that we’re currently witnessing.

Tara Hopwood


  1. Tara Hopwood is correct in the well written and thought out letter regarding Sensible people. Leadership seems to be sorely missing in any discussion of taxation that I have been exposed to. It is an emotional subject and all can quickly arrive at a solution without much thought. That solution can be verified quickly by others, again without much thought, which means the first option is correct because other shave agreed with it. Emotions run high and we all have them, right or wrong. Thus the solution is to minimize that part of the decision making and seek the factual thoughts of sensible people, who do not have hidden agendas, political ties, and who are simply honest.

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