Father knows best about weightloss

Varying methods to reduce weight and sizes are available; some are better than others and some are downright quackery.

Take my father’s advice, and when you choose, use your commonsense.

Commonsense in weightloss is very simple, according to my father, we eat too much and move too little. Eat less, move more.

The weightloss industry is big business and has been since Twiggy first captured the media and public interest with her twig-like body shape in the 60s.

Today, with the epidemic of obesity, many old and new formulas are showing up – many of them hints and shadows of some previous programme, re-invented and presented differently.

Let ageless wisdom be your guide when you undertake a weight management programme and understand you are going to have to do some work to get results.

Take care with any programme that offers miraculous success and rapid weight loss.

Any medical consultant worth their weight recommends a gradual reduction in weight and avoidance of any plan that eliminates essential food groups.

It stuns me that carrots are disqualified due to high sugar on some local diets. I’m sure they have an explanation, but to be honest, carrots were a mainstay of our eating programme when I lost a ton of weight. It was the sugar in cheesecake we worked on avoiding.

Maybe this is why Weight Watchers was recently voted at the top of the chain in healthy weight loss programmes. Its commonsense and healthy balanced approach works.

Research carefully some of the rather eccentric models for weight management coming on stream. Make sure that you know the risks for ingestion and supplementation through drugs.

Any diet programme that does not allow you to partake in physical activity or eliminates an important food group doesn’t seem to add up. History shows that weight gain is pretty-much guaranteed.

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