Jamaica gets Caymanian art

The Premier’s gift to the Jamaican people in honour of the celebrations surrounding the golden jubilee of that country’s independence was a piece of art, crafted by Luelan Bodden.

The multi-media artist’s creation illustrates a streamer-tailed hummingbird, the national bird of Jamaica, feeding on nectar from an open hibiscus.

The Premier presented the artwork at an independence gala and ball at the Marriott Ballroom on Friday, 27 July.

The artwork, Mr. Bush said, was a good illustration of the Cayman Islands artists’ feeling of connectivity to the Jamaican community. In addition, it was particularly gratifying that the artwork was crafted out of indigenous materials and by a local artist, who was so generous in spirit as not only to conceive of the piece, but to donate the results of his many days of work as a twin gesture to the people of Jamaica and the Government of the Cayman Islands, in awareness of current budget challenges.

“I am privileged to accept this wonderful piece of art by Mr. Bodden and privileged to join with him to show appreciation and celebrate with our neighbouring island,” Mr. Bush added.

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