TuneIn Radio tunes you into stations around the globe

First impressions

A friend of ours had put us onto TuneIn Radio as they simply couldn’t live without their good ol’ British stations. It sounded interesting, and it was high time we dragged ourselves away from the television anyway. We found the app very easy to install, and then started poking around to see what British stuff there was available. There were all the BBC Radio favourites, not to mention the beloved Capital Radio stations. Talk, music, sports…it was all there and more. We had a listen to some, and then decided to have a gander at other countries. Right from the git-go we were pretty impressed to see a station in Antarctica on the list. Apparently “A” Net Station plays Folk, Blues, Jazz and “Local Music” from Snow Hill Island. We wondered how the penguins had managed to form a band, and made a note to ourselves to tune in later. Maybe the group was called “King and the Rockhoppers”…

How it works

It’s very simple to install, and then once it’s on your device you can use the search bar to look for specific stations, shows, songs and artists. There is also the option to choose “Local Radio” which will recognise your location and bring up all the stations available. Sure enough, when you click on that you’ll get everything from Z99 99.9 FM to Kiss 106.1 FM, and let’s not forget Radio Cayman! You can also browse the recent stations you visited through TuneIn, recommended stations, music, news, talk and sports. It also gives you the option to check for stations in specific locations throughout the world and for stations in other languages, so if you’ve got a hankerin’ for those Cantonese songs that you used to hear when you were living in Kowloon, Hong Kong, you can just tune into RTHK Radio 2 94.8 and you’ll feel like you’re back there again. You can check out podcasts, and even record stations if you’ve simply got to hear shows or songs again later.

When we tried it

Possessing such an amazing sense of humour as we do (ahem) we were keen to see what comedy programmes there were on offer, and so we went straight to “talk” and then “comedy.” Up came lots of options, including BBC Radio 4 Extra (UK) playing Steptoe and Son, Goon Show Radio (Australia), Laugh Factory Radio (US) and TheComedyScene.com. Every time we scrolled down we saw the “More Stations” option which after a number of pages began to take us to the interesting and obscure. It was a cornucopia of comedy and we hardly knew where to begin.

Being fans of entertainment in general, we also wanted to see where choosing that option would take us. GTFM (Pontypridd, Wales) popped up not a few lines above Imus in the Morning (US) and as we moved along we found VON Radio 860 from Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and PuJiang Sound Radio (Shanghai, China). Where had this been all our lives?

We felt the need to share the bounty with others, and so got out our Bluetooth speaker system, allowing us to get the benefit through something other than headphones. We also recorded a comedy programme and played it through our car speakers later on, as with the app’s reliance on the Internet, we didn’t fancy our phone bill if we went 3G all the time.

Final thoughts

Adults will very much appreciate this app, particularly those who have come from abroad, travelled abroad, or speak other languages. The diversity is pretty impressive and the stations cater to everyone looking for shows and music from the nostalgic to the contemporary.

TuneIn Radio 
Rating: E 10+
Seller: TuneIn
Cost: Free
Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices

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