Designer markets Cayman brand

Cayman costume fashion designer Reba Dilbert will soon be hitting the international runway to showcase her creations. Just returning from La Ceiba Carnival with a group of Caymanian participants in a fashion parade, she is heading off to New Jersey Fashion Week in the city of Hoboken, which takes place at the Tents – Pier A park, 12-14 October. 

The event showcases, designers and buyers, sponsors, retailers and a kickoff press conference with the mayor of Hoboken. It’s a chance for designers’ work to be seen by over 50,000 residents of Hoboken and out-of-town tourist who visit each week. 

Entering the New Jersey show as a multi-vision designer in clothes and costumes, Ms Reba will be submitting 15 outfits in the show, five wedding gowns; three special occasion cocktail dresses; two evening gowns and five Cayman showgirl costumes.  

Her outfits, which she said may be the first to hit the international scene with the “Made in Cayman” logo will be showcased on island by local models in a video and placed on the event’s website. 

Ms Reba has high hopes of catching the eye of buyers and getting all her costumes sold at the event. If not, the outfits will be used in La Ceiba Carnival or auctioned for a cancer event or charity in Cayman.  

The wedding gowns will depict a tropical and church theme, a split pantsuit dress that is interchangeable for a wedding or reception. One will also highlight Cayman traditional wear of yesteryear, modernised to suit the 21st Century. 

A cocktail dress will be designed around cancer awareness, and special occasion pantsuit, the elegant evenings gowns will be designed around the tropics with a lot of beaded sequences feathers, feather bows and glitter. 

The show girls’ costumes will be made up of feathers, wire swimsuits backpacks sporting a Caribbean flavour and island theme. 

Ms Dilbert said after contacting organisers about her collections she was asked to showcase her creations at the event. 

According to Ms Reba, she still needs sponsors with getting the designs ready, which need to be finished by the end of August. 

She is hoping that this opportunity to showcase her designs with Cayman labels on the international field will catch the interest of buyers and retailers. 

“I have never been to an event such as this and for me it is the highlight of my vision,” said Ms Reba. “It is something I have always dreamed of, which will give me the opportunity to take my talents to a bigger field.” 

Ms Reba’s name and the Cayman Islands will be seen by many during the event. 

Fashion Week founder Donella Tilery said the runway shows bring visibility and sales to designers and brands involved. It provides the opportunity to connect directly with press, buyers, consumers, retailers, from not only New Jersey but around the world. The event will feature “Housewives” and other movie celebrities. 

Reba Dilbert QE Honours

Reba Dilbert receives a the Queen’s honour from Donovan Ebanks.

Reba Dilbert costume design

This costume was designed by Reba Dilbert for the Batabano carnival. – Photo: File

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