Expat tax officially dead

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Although Monday night’s public meeting in which Premier McKeeva Bush was to address the budget crisis and the payroll tax for work permit holders was cancelled because of inclement weather, a press release issued Monday evening by the premier’s office confirmed reports over the past weekend that the controversial tax is dead.

“The Community Enhancement Fee is now off the table and will not be implemented,” he said in the short statement. “At our public meeting on Wednesday August 1st at John Cumber Primary School Hall, I stated that the Community Enhancement Fee would be taken off the table if robust, credible and sustainable revenue that did not hurt the poorest members of our islands was found.

“We are satisfied that many of the commitments from the private sector will meet these criteria.”

McKeeva Bush Cayman Islands

Mr Bush


  1. Mac is playing for time. He can’t stand the idea of going before the public to admit taxing anybody, never mind taxing the expats was a bad idea.

  2. Mr Bush even botched the announcement of the death of the expat tax. Total incompetence. How could he approve, in writing, the announcement from the major Cayman business leaders, and then issue a press release the same day questioning their announcement?

  3. Fox!. I wonder if the call to arms would have been so forth-coming if the tax was across the board..

    They called Rommel the Desert Fox, well respected and a champion strategist, but he got his butt whipped by Monty.

  4. The first step to re-building confidence in the country would be for the people to deal such a political blow to those that brought this idiotic idea forward that no sane politician would ever consider it again. That needs to be communicated locally and internationally.

  5. Seriously under emphasized, Mr. Bush please tell us you have more capitulation planned.

    Now is the time to institute legislation preventing the very soul and heart of Cayman’s allure from being extinguished by ruinous mismanagement.

  6. If the people of the Cayman Islands have any sense at all, then McKeeva’s benighted political career should now also be officially dead.

    He should have been forced from office long since, but any suggestion he might cling on to power after committing such a terrible, damaging error would be insane.

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