Mothersill’s Olympic dream over

Cydonie’s tendon did not heal

Cydonie Mothersill warmed up for her women’s 200 metres heat at the London Olympics on Monday but was unable to run because of a long-standing tendon problem.

She has been struggling with injuries and after consultation with the team physiotherapist Al Bartice who had been treating her and consulting with management she withdrew.

Kemar Hyman had also felt tightness in his calves and hamstring and subsequently a pain in his core when warming up on Sunday. He practiced intense starts during his warm-up but still felt intense pain and the decision was made for him not to start the 100m semi-finals.

Mothersill, 34, is a five time Olympian and is the 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medallist. Hyman, 22, is Cayman’s record holder for 100m.

Donald McLean, president of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee, said: “We are all disappointed but in the interest of both athletes’ long-term health we decided both should withdraw.”

Carson Ebanks, general-secretary of the Olympic Committee, said: “For Kemar to have reached the semi-finals of the Olympic 100m means that he is one of the 24 fastest in the world.

“Indeed, his best time set only a month ago of 9.95 seconds would have put in sixth in the final. He is a highly talented and motivated young man and still has plenty of time to achieve much in the sport and we felt it was a wise decision for him not to run.

“Had he raced it might have aggravated the injury and may have damaged himself further to the extent that it would have put him out of competition for many months. The athletes’ health and well being are paramount.”

Cydonnie Mothersill

Cydonie Mothersill
Ron Shillingford

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