JetBlue suspends ticket sales

JetBlue made an announcement via its website on Friday, 6 August, that it would suspend all ticket sales relating to travel to the Cayman Islands until further notice. 

“We are temporarily suspending sales for all JetBlue flights to/from Grand Cayman both online and over the phone. We anticipate this suspension will be short-term and hope to resume offering GCM flights again soon. As with all new international destinations, the application process is subject to government timelines, requirements, and approval. Please check back with us at a later date to book your GCM travel.” 

The airline was due to offer direct flights between Grand Cayman and the cities of New York and Boston this November, but no tickets had yet been made available for purchase before the announcement from JetBlue was made. 

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands responded to questions about the delay by stating: “The CAACI is working with JetBlue to ensure all legal requirements are met prior to commencing operation.” 

At this time there has been no word to say whether this delay will affect the anticipated start dates of JetBlue’s scheduled flights to the Cayman Islands. 

JetBlue Airbus

JetBlue will suspend all ticket sales relating to travel to the Cayman Islands until further notice. – Photo: File


  1. OMG we could borrow this idea and send a plane to ny and pick people up stop in chicago run to texas and back to cayman and charge 900 per person we would get at least 50 people on each trip It could balance the budget i wish i had thought of this sooner

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