All aboard for a cruise to Kaibo

Hop aboard a yacht, dinghy or any other kind of sail boat for a leisurely cruise to Kaibo, on Sunday, 12 August.

Between people leaving island on vacation, the threat of tropical storms and debilitating heat, sailors don’t get out on the water so much over the summer. The Cayman Islands Sailing Club has therefore organised an outing for members to ensure they stay in contact and don’t lose their sea legs or forget their nautical skills.

The cruise is open to anyone though, and the CISC would like to welcome additional participants, new members and visitors.

Anybody with access to a yacht, catamaran, catboat or dinghy can join in. Boats will be departing the CISC at 11am, and will sail across the North Sound, which should put them at Kaibo in time for a leisurely lunch, washed down by some cold beers or a mudslide or two.

For those who thrive off a little friendly competition, there may well be a race back to the club on the return journey.

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